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Getting ready for spiritual spring cleaning......

Cleaning out the closets for a fresh renewed feeling for spring is a ritual for our physical side that many of us do every year but what about the spring cleaning for the soul?

Just as a cluttered closet lowers your vibration so does a cluttered mind. A spiritual cleaning allows you to let go of emotional clutter that is keeping you overloaded and not moving forward in life.

Emotional clutter is the result of creating our fears in our environment and then not dealing with them. We then become the energy of that outcome and we continue to recreate the same outcome over and over again, we know what that leads to....a bad habit.  Lets do some cleaning!

First step, pick out something in your life that is making you frustrated, crazy or just plain depressed.   Write it down and next to it write down what you would like it to be instead.   Examples would be,  Being over weight....being at goal weight.   Being late for everything.....being on time.  Being rejected....being accepted.

Second step,  our souls have a purpose and meaning to everything that we are experiencing.  There is a void within the soul that is being recreated in your life and most likely there is more than one void in your habit that you are using as pain to create the catalyst for change.  In the example of being overweight vs. being at goal weight; the desired emotions may be of being worthy,  being desirable, being accepted, being in authority over one's self, measuring up to one's expectation.  Now take your issue and next to the outcome you are desiring write down three emotions that you would feel when you reach that result.  

Third step, Understanding the emotion of what you are seeking is a mirror of what you are not feeling with in the soul.   This is normally a core issue that has been with us all of our life and we first began reflecting this through one of our parents.  For example seeking approval may have been through the experience of having a father or mother that you didn't feel you measured up to his standards, then in later life you became over weight because you felt you didn't measure up in many other areas of life.      

Forth Step, This is an exercise to do for three days in a row.   The emotions that you are working on obtaining through your desires in step two already exist somewhere in your life.  Take off your blinders and  write down all the places where you do receive that emotion.  For an example, if you are seeking approval list all the areas in your life where you do have approval.  Then go back to your childhood and rewrite how you actually did receive approval as a child from the person you felt you didn't.  Then continue by listing all the reason why you approve of yourself.  

After three days of that exercise, you begin to feel and experience things differently and find it is easier to move away from the habit.  As your reflection changes so does your environment.  
This Month's Case Study
A woman (who I am going to name Martha) had suffered from a condition
of bad breath since early childhood.  The condition was so severe that she never felt comfortable with other people feeling as if she was being offensive to others. As a result Martha became reclusive and distant from family and friends.   She went to many different types of  homeopathic doctors and specialty doctors who prescribed many remedies with no success for over 20 years.    After looking at her digestive system and found that it was not the cause, I began to look at the mouth and found that her taste buds were reacting to her own pheromones. As a form of self alienation from a past life experience of being a female that was in a marriage with a man who left her for another woman.   She brought the feeling of alienation into this life time by reacting to that which attracts others to her which is the pheromones.  Once the past life memories were released and the allergy was released her breath became normal and all symptoms were gone.   
Words of Wisdom
What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.
Ralph Waldo Emerson