SiNaCa Studios School of Glass and Gallery

May 2017

We had a fun Open Studio Night with our guest artists, Charlyn Reynolds and Michelle Pennington. They did an amazing job creating a dinosaur sitting in a swimming float enjoying a beverage. Images can be seen HERE.

We are hosting a golf fundraiser at the new TopGolf in Fort Worth. The event will be May 21st and is limited to 50 participants. See below for more info or click HERE.

There are only a couple of spots available for our summer Kiln Forming workshop with Nathan Sandberg. The registration deadline is May 12th. Information for the workshop can be found below.

Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to seeing you soon.
May 21st. at TopGolf Fort Worth 
Practice at 12:30p 
Tourney starts at 1p

Sign up as an individual or a team
$100/person before 5/6, $125/person after 5/6  
Only 1 seat is left!

Kiln Cast Box and  
Murrine Lid 
Nathan Sandberg 
June 19th - 23rd 

Click HERE to register.
Upcoming Events

  May 12th | 6p-9p
Open Studios
Featured Artist: Clifton Crofford 

May 21st | 12:30p-5p
Drive for SiNaCa Fundraiser at the new Fort Worth TopGolf

June 9th | 6p-9p
Open Studios
Featured Artist: Matthew Patterson 

June 19th - 23rd
Kiln Forming Vitirigraph Workshop with Nathan Sandberg . For info and registration click HERE.

July 15th | 12p-4p
Ice Cream Social

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SiNaCa Studios is a non-profit organization that relies on the generous support of public and private donors to enable our programs.   

The mission of SiNaCa Studios,  is to provide an opportunity to experience the rich tradition of glass as a creative medium through education and studio involvement.

Kid's Connect2Glass
May 13th
Sessions start at 3p

Held once a month in our kiln forming studio. Kids can choose from one of a variety of projects to complete in the hour long workshop. Up to four participants per session.

For more information and registration click   HERE.
Open Studio Night 
May 12th | 6pm-9pm

Guest Artist:
Clifton Crofford

Join us the second Friday of each month from 6p-9p as we host an open studio night at SiNaCa. This is your chance to find out more about the "magic" that goes in to creating glass art. As the artist creates their work we give you an interactive play by play, so you can understand better  why they do what they do. Our on site gallery showcases our featured artist to give you a close up view of what they create. Its also the perfect time to find out how you can get involved in learning how to work with glass.
Glass Classes 
SiNaCa Studios offers a variety of ever evolving hot and warm glass programs.  We offer short term classes ranging from 20 minutes to 3 hours in our hot shop (glass blowing studio), kiln forming studio and flame working studio. If you want a more in depth learning opportunity we have 6 week extended programs in the hot shop, and 3 week extended programs in kiln forming that give you a greater understanding of the different ways to manipulate glass. Registration for classes can be done through our profile on ( HERE)

Newbie Classes
Experience workshops are the perfect way to be introduced to working with glass in any one of our three studios. Use the links for full descriptions, availability and prices of the classes.

Experience Flame Working -
A 3-hour workshop working with both soft glass and borosilicate glass in front of an open torch.

Experience Kiln Forming -
A 2-hour workshop working with Bullseye glass in its solid state to create two unique projects.

Experience Glass Blowing -
A 2-hour workshop working with glass at 2100º, creating two items.

Experience Sand Casting -
A 30 minute workshop where you will make your very own sand cast glass tile!