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 Dear Fellow Stylist 
February is the month of Love.
Love is a BIG word! What do you love? Do you have passion for hair? What inspires and moves you?
At Sidlab haircouture we have coined the motto
'love is in the hair'. We stand by this slogan because we truly love what we do! We are not just another shampoo company! We love doing hair!!!!
Happy Valentines


Eric Nelson

Founder/ Stylist/ President

Sidlab Haircouture USA



Sidlab Haircouture USA

♥Sidlab. What makes us different?




Backstage @ Portland Fashion Week



No paraben



 Colour safe- no sodium laureth sulfate



 Tested in salons, never animals



Created by stylists, for stylists


100% recyclable


All products are  water soluble


Essential oil blend in every bottle


Milk and wheat proteins used for mega moisture


Contribution and support to the breast cancer awareness foundation


Dedicated to supporting stylists with education, innovation, and high performance products








Sweet Valentine Style


knot 1

Prep your dry hair with a heat protectant such as

Chic Styling Spray. Loosely curl to add texture ensuring a stronger  hold.


Once curled, emulsify a dime size amount of

Fabric Texturizer  in hands and run

through curls to separate while also pulling hair back and away from the face.


Divide your hair  into two sections at the nape of the neck, lightly backcomb where necessary to hide a part line.

Securely hold each section at the nape separately and tie a single knot.


To do this place one section of your parted hair over the other, loop the section through the created hole and pull the two parts tight.

Repeat and tie one more knot with the remaining hair. For those with extra long hair, continue the knot process, leaving a few inches  of loose hair on the ends.

Take the remaining ends from the knot and wrap them around forming a circle.

Pin under the knots securing wherever your fingers are holding the style in place.

Finish by lightly tugging on the knots to create a fuller effect.



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  Fabric Texturizer has a high micro fibre content

  for runway style mobility. Fabric adds shine

  and separation while controlling frizz and 

  flyaways. Paraben free. ♥








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