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Dear Fellow Hairstylist,

This is a very busy time for many of us in the salon. Clients are getting prettied up for the holiday's and stocking up on products. Remember to stock up on your favorite Sidlab Haircouture products. Our online store is open 24/7 365.

Eric Nelson
Sidlab Haircouture USA
Hairstylist, Founder, President

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Have you looked on the back of your Sidlab bottles in a while? If you take a quick glance you will notice all products proudly display a pink ribbon in an effort to fight breast cancer. We are dedicated to bringing you the healthiest, highest performing and color safe products without the use of sulfates and parabens. In comparison we have added cocoglucoside as a luxurious, natural sulfate free lather. All products are water soluble, so emulsify well in hands and work through wet hair for a moisturizing, and healthy cleanse.


Our advanced team of educators has come together to deliver complimentary world class education through December 31st. We are Portland based and want to give back to the communities that support us. Look for us in the November edition of STYLIST NORTHWEST for further details and a sneak peek at Acer - Acer. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us to reserve a spot for your salon located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

(Not all locations apply, salons must have eight attending stylists to qualify)

Masculine 8oz
Click Here

For Manly Men, Girly Men and Macho Girls

Masculine Shampoo is a must have for all salons looking for a single product to cater to multiple personalities.

  • Men love it because it's a shampoo, conditioner and scalp therapy all in one as well as it's combination of luxurious herbs, essential oils and scalp tingling mint ingredients
  • Women love it because of it's deep cleansing ability while retaining color preservation, and enhancing shine.
  • Everyone loves it because the nature of it's ingredients help to soothe the scalp, stimulate blood circulation and combat dandruff and dry scalp.

Use with Mend for the ultimate hair and scalp treatment

Why Stylist's and Salons Love Us

"It (Sidlab) really speaks to my hair! I have tried the products and still using them...let me tell you they speak the language of beautiful non-chemical related results for your hair!"

- Lydia Covaci- Semper Fashion Event Productions

"I LOVE the new rain drops product
my clients cant stop raving about this!"

- Rachel Greene - Salon Owner

Suggested Salon Listening:

TRENTEMOLLER, black angels, the warlocks,
Slow Animal, Crystal Castles, Air

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