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Fashion Week/ chichi & chic
Breast Cancer Awareness Support
ECO/ Green
Stylist Testimonials
Dear Fellow Hair Stylist,
This is a very busy time of the year at Sidlab Haircouture! Race for the Cure, Fashion Week(s) and much more!
Please remember to support the fight against breast cancer.
*If you havent already tried our new product "rain drops" that was released last month click here to learn more and experience what all the rave reviews are about.........

Eric Alan Nelson
Hairstylist, Founder, President
Sidlab Haircouture USA
favorites at Fashion Week
chic & chichi
Sidlab Haircouture has been the official product for Portland Fashion Week many times. chic and chichi have been favorites backstage for prepping and setting models. On a scale of 1-10 chic styling spray has a hold of around 2 and chichi firm hold spray would be a 9. Never flaky or dry. Favorites backstage in the salon or on the runway! chic & chichi here
Sidlab Haircouture has been a proud supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness. We proudly pioneered PARABEN- free formulations for all of products. (PARABEN has potential links to breast cancer). This year walk, give, encourage and join in the fight against Breast Cancer.
recycle icon ECO, Green and Caring
Donate to your local charity. Walk, run or bike to work. Offer a discount to clients that walk or bike to the salon. Recycle. Go paperless. Utilize natural lighting. Plant an extra tree. Turn water off when not in direct use. All Sidlab packaging is recyclable, recycle. Print on recycled paper. Towel dry extremely well before blow drying. Do not over mix color.
Words from the industry
Stylists love sidlab haircouture because:
"The company supports so many causes that are near and dear to my heart"-AubreyLoots
studio dna, hollywood
"Sidlab understands what art and fashion and couture mean"-
Steve David Los Angeles, CA
" I am obsessed with MAGIC. Seriously. I have no idea what I did before that!" -Sydney Chavez, Editor
Seattle Boutique, WA
"Sidlab continues to provide meaningful products in the hands of the masters, and artist. The hair dressers. It's a line for hair dresser, and client." - Chante Newcomb Salon Owner Ego Salon Chatanooga, Tn
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