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Happy New Year
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To You Fellow Stylist

Happy New Year,
2011 is here!
My resolution is to be a better stylist, to expand my skills and influences. To push the limits. One of the best feelings as a stylist is to continue to grow and evolve, to learn, share and challenge.

Wishing all the best for you!

Eric Nelson
Founder/ Stylist/ President
Sidlab Haircouture USA

Sidlab Haircouture USA


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New Year, New You. Try these temporary changes that leave  lasting Confidence.

Bangs Liv
Lash Grazing, Full Bangs


Bangs can make or break a  great cut. They can equally recreate a cut if you're not ready for a complete change. Bangs are also a style that keeps giving. Try soft and full, then allow to grow into long and side swept, or a 70's inspired center parted face frame.
With so many variations and so little 
 they are the perfect
quick fix.

Bangs Side
Full Side Swept Bangs
Short Blunt Bangs
Short Blunt Bangs
bangs Agyness
Short Textured Bangs



Tricks of the Trade
  • When cutting, always use clean sections for complete control.
  • Keep the bang width at the temples to avoid a "mushroom look"
  • Point cutting leaves a softer edge and less room for error
  • Refresh your bangs between washes using SIDLAB MAGIC DRY SHAMPOO.
  • Shake can well, spray on a fine tooth comb. Brush your bangs back to life while absorbing oil, and increasing movement.
Magic One
Magic Dry Shampoo Click the pic to learn more.



   Lengthening the amount of time I spend in between  blowouts  is crucial when you have long hair like I do. That's why I love Portland-based Sidlab Hair Couture's dry shampoo Magic.  The product is clear so it doesn't add any additional weight or texture to the hair and it instantly absorbs oil so your hair looks and feels refreshed.  This is a great product to use when you don't have time for a traditional wash and blow dry.  Magic comes in an aerosol can so it's perfectly portable plus it's paraben and sulfate-free. With this product I can do my hair in less than 5 minutes which is perfect for a "girl-on-the go" lifestyle.            
 -Sydney with Seattle Boutique Blogspot-

 New Year Resolutions

Recycle Hero
Recycle, Reduce, Reuse
Treat yourself when desired and remember the rule of moderation

Don't leave spontaneous hair changes for traumatizing life events

Treat your hair to monthly deep conditioning

Try seasonal hair color changes

volunteer for a good cause

Give more compliments than quick judgement

Don't leave bold fashion on the runway-express your style

Push yourself to further excel in all you do

Clean out your closet and donate to a charity

Recycle more, and use less. All Sidlab products are 100% recyclable

Be your own hero.
Suggested salon Listening

Mew, Beach House, Atlas Sound, Depe
che Mode, The Presets, Curve

mix tape
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