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October 2014

How To Choose A Business Advisor
By A. "Butch" Madrazo, A Silver Fox Advisor

A good Business Advisor can be a Coach, Mentor, Advisor, Consultant and Counselor, but what distinguishes a great Business Advisor is someone who is a:

  • proven team member and leader

  • networking resource

  • sounding board for ideas and direction

  • good listener

  • business confidant, supporter and motivator

  • compassionate, empathetic partner and trusted friend 

What separates a Silver Fox Advisor from most Business Advisors is the fact that a Silver Fox Advisor has "been there and done that", in some of the highest corporate organizational levels, such as Chairman, CEO, President, or COO of small private entities to large Fortune 500 companies. Some Silver Fox Advisors have also been Entrepreneurs who have taken their companies from the start-up phase through rapid growth and then to a sale.


 A Silver Fox Advisor's experience and expertise have been "honed" in some cases through "trials by fire" or as some might say, through the school of "hard knocks".


Due to personal practical knowledge of success and failure Silver Fox Advisors have confronted in previous businesses and careers, they are in the unique position of having clients learn from their experiences. This can lead to the identification of actions and strategies that may permit Clients to achieve their personal and business goals and objectives by not having to endure some of the "pitfalls" of failures or the complications that could result from inexperience.


A Silver Fox Advisor is to a client what a coach is to a champion athlete. He/she may not be actually playing in the "game"; however the advisor/coach knows how the "game" is played and what it takes to be a success.


Is Your Business Running You?

By Richard T. Hendee, President Horizon Associates and A Silver Fox Advisor

Being a small business owner can sometimes be a very lonely place. Are you the person who opens your business' doors in the morning and locks the place up at night? Do you regularly miss having dinner with your family? Have you missed attending your son's big game or daughter's important recital? If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, then ------ you are a victim of "Your Business Running You". Throughout my career I have seen so many small business owners who have let their business run their lives instead of them "Running Their Business". Which business owner would you rather be and what makes the difference?

Successful business owners who have time to manage their businesses plan for growth, develop new business, and also spend quality time with their families are able to do so because they have done the things that they needed to do to make all those things happen. Does it take time and energy to do? ---- Yes. However, good things take time, but you will enjoy the rewards.

Here are some recommendations for your consideration:


Critical Decision

Business At The Crossroads, Making Bold Decisions

By Hank Moore, Corporate StrategistTM

Forces in the recording industry have announced intentions to cease production of compact discs and convert their music marketing to digital downloads. That is a dangerous course of action and stands to further devastate a music industry that has systematically killed the golden goose over many years.

The CD issue (including those who advocate obliterating the medium) is symptomatic of the bigger watersheds that have crippled and ruined large chunks of the music industry:

  • Not understanding business basics.

  • Taking decisions away from the creative people.

  • Focusing only on the technology, not on the creative output.

  • Not understanding the totality of the music industry, with recording as a stakeholder.

  • Failure to learn from the past.

  • The trends toward over-formatting of radio.

  • Deregulation of broadcasting.

"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it."
~ Thomas Jefferson



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