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February 2014


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Understanding Figures And What They Symbolize, Relating To Your Business Success

By Hank Moore, Corporate Strategist™

Business bases much of what it does on statistics. Most often, they're financial numbers or sales goals. More importantly are the Big Picture statistics that affect every aspect of business growth and success. The way in which the bigger issues are interpreted has direct bearing on strategy and implementation.

Here are some of the most significant statistics that relate to your ability to do business:

Only 2% of the businesses have a plan of any kind. What many of them think is a plan include some accounting figures or sales goals. That is not a full-scope plan. Of the companies who continue to operate without a plan, 40% of them will be out of business in the next 10 years.

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If I Agree To Pay The Tax In Full, Will The IRS Simply Forgive The Interest And Penalties?            

 By George W. Connelly - Silver Fox Advisor

This is a question I hear from a lot of clients who owe the IRS money, because either they were not able to pay everything on their tax return when it was filed, or they endured an IRS audit and adjustments were unfavorable to them. The fact of the matter is that, outside the confines of an Offer in Compromise based on doubt as to collectability, which is governed by I.R.C. � 7122 and an analysis of the taxpayer's ability to pay the liability in full, the IRS has a lot less discretion in this area than most people think.

Let's look at interest first.





From marketing to operations and countless things in between, creativity plays a critical role in an organization's success. How many of us make the time and effort to foster creativity within ourselves and our organizations on a regular basis? The answer is likely not enough. t

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