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Most successful businesses have written policies and procedures that define typical activities within the organization. Usually these procedures outline responsibilities, set limits, and provide directions regarding certain conditions on business activities. A well-defined and written policy statement is imperative so that a non-owner or manager may continue the same business actions or processes that occur today.

But surprisingly many of these same business owners and executives do not have these same types of measures in place for their own personal investments. Similar to business procedures, an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) defines your investment theory and sets the various parameters about how the investments and distributions will be managed on an ongoing basis. They define limits and establish predefined actions when certain conditions are met. It is important that the Investment Policy Statement be broad enough to handle unexpected situations but specific enough that there is little doubt about what to do when those situations arise.

Finally an Investment Policy Statements should be review occasionally to make sure the processes are efficient and still align with the original goal. Many investors fail to adjust their investment programs as their personal situation changes which increase unwarranted risk into the investments.t

By Donnie Roberts Vice President and Trust Officer Woodway Financial Advisors and a Silver Fox Associates


How To Have A Successful Volunteer Organization

By John Sweney

Most of us participate in at least one volunteer organization - a club, association, committee, or affinity group.  With all these types of groups, I have found a common strategy for success which I call the "Four G's": Gather, Grow, Give and Get. 

If you are a leader or an active contributor to any volunteer organization, use your influence to make sure that all four of these elements are considered when setting goals, allocating resources, and developing programs for your members.

I am a member of five car clubs, five professional associations and a civic club.  I have volunteered for leadership roles in alumni groups, foundations, and business groups.  Here are some examples of the Four G's in practice:

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Communications Reflect Your Strategy            

By Hank Moore, Corporate Strategist™

The biggest problem with our business in our society, in a capsule sentence: People with one set of experiences, values, wants and perceptions make miss-targeted attempts to communicate with others in trying to get what they want and need.

Success is just in front of our faces. Yet, we often fail to see it coming. Too many companies live with their heads in the sand. Many go down into defeat because it was never on their radar to change.

One of the biggest cop-outs that businesses in denial use is the term Messaging. They say, "We're in the right business. We only need to improve our messaging." That's a rationalization to avoid confronting key strategic issues. 



Exceptional Leaders...

        Identify The Critical Success Factor

In a recent speech, Continental Airlines CEO Larry Kellner stated that one of the leading reasons for Continental's™ turnaround is the ability of all employees to focus on one key performance indicator. This was the on-time arrival of aircraft. This impacted many other indices such as lost baggage and customer satisfaction. They reduced the very complex process of running an airline into one simple idea and doing it well, beating the industry in on-time arrivals.


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