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September 2014


Choosing A Business Advisor
By A. "Butch" Madrazo, A Silver Fox Advisor

There are many reasons why a business leader (CEO, small business owner, executive or entrepreneur) may be considering a Business Advisor. Perhaps there have been changes in the marketplace that have created new challenges or the company is in a growth mode and needs a well-developed business plan. Whatever the reason(s), the decision to hire a Business Advisor becomes obvious. Determining whether a Coach, Mentor, Advisor, Consultant, or Counselor is needed may be more difficult to assess. The lines are blurred between each of these roles; however, there are differences.

Definition of a Business Advisor

Before discussing how to choose and work with a Business Advisor, distinguishing the roles of a Business Advisor may be in order. We often hear the term Coach, Mentor, Advisor, Consultant, and Counselor used interchangeably when a client is searching for a Business Advisor. Each term has its own meaning, and a person skilled in any one area may practice what he/she does best. For example:

  • A Coach may provide instruction or prepare a person for a specific endeavor;

  • A Mentor may guide a person's career by providing wise and trusted counsel much like a teacher;

  • An Advisor may offer advice in an official or professional capacity;

  • A Consultant may provide expert or professional advice in a specific area of business, and the product of his/her expertise is normally summarized in a written document at the conclusion of the assignment. Attorneys, CPA's and other similar specialists fall into this category;

  • A Counselor may provide advice or guidance in a variety of personal and related activities such as organizational psychology. 

Tips For How To Have A Good Assistant

By Harlene Anderson, Ph.D

Most bosses depend on a right-hand-person to support them. Whether you are in the "corner office" or the owner of a small business, having the most effective assistant is one of the most valuable assets you can have. They will help you be more efficient and productive by helping you generate a positive work flow, schedule meetings, work with clients, and run your office as flawlessly as possible. But how do you get the "right" person? Many bosses think it's in the interview/hiring and to a large extent it is. You, however, are the key to having a good assistant: taking the time to explain your work style, expectations and their worth, as well as learn about their expectations on the job, will be time well spent and will help you save time and company dollars without having to cut corners to meet goals.

Here are some tips to best maximize your assistant's talents and potentials, regardless of your office size or your position. In my consulting and leadership training experiences, I continually received positive feedback on how these tips have helped bosses and their assistants develop positive working relationships, creating a more productive, effective and successful office. You're the boss, so take the lead.

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Business Strategy: Quotes on Business

Abstract from Hank Moore's New Book: "Power Stars To Light The Flame"

By Hank Moore, Corporate StrategistTM

It seems so basic and so simple: Look at the whole of the organization, then at the parts as components of the whole and back to the bigger picture.

Obsession with certain pieces, comfort levels with other pieces and lack of artistic flair (business savvy) keep the work in progress but not resulting in a finished masterpiece.

Should every business become Big Picture focused? Yes. My job is to widen the frame of reference as much as possible. Alas, the Big Picture of business is a continuing realignment of current conditions, diced with opportunities. The result will be creative new variations. Masterpieces are not stagnant paintings...they can be continually evolving works in progress.

Quotes on Business...

"No nation was ever ruined by trade." ~ Benjamin Franklin

"Trade is a social act." ~ John Stuart Mill

"The business of America is business." ~ President Calvin Coolidge



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