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Determining The Right Kind Of Tie-In Clauses

By Hank Moore, Corporate Strategist™

Business marries the community that it settles with. The community has to be given a reason to care for the business. Business owes its well-being and livelihood to its communities.

I recently stopped for lunch at a franchise restaurant. Nobody was at the register. A crew member told me to wait, then later took my order. She started selling donations to some cause, which I declined. When the regular cashier returned, I saw her peddling donation sales. People were blindly making donations, without understanding what they supported. The sales of those promotional pieces caused the line to grow out of the restaurant door. People were just buying the promotion in order to get through the line.


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How Long Does The IRS Have To Audit Your Return?            

 By George W. Connelly - Silver Fox Advisor

People are always asking how long the IRS can wait from the time you file your return to conduct an audit of your income and expenses. The simple, most definitive answer is "it all depends," so let's take a look at the rules.

The time in which the IRS must conduct its audit is governed by what's known as a "statute of limitations." That statute doesn't begin to run until you actually file a return. Once you file a return, the IRS has three years from the time the return was filed (or, April 15th of the year in which you file, if it is filed early) to conduct and complete an audit.




Consultant, Coach, Mentor?

By Lane Sloan - Silver Fox Advisor

In trying to develop one's leadership capabilities, you often hear comments like "get a consultant", "you could use a coach," or "find a mentor." It's a bit confusing on what are the differences among them. Having discovered that, next comes the basic question of what are your needs? What would help best, or do you even need one? These fundamental questions rest with your situation, but hopefully herein lies some help on eliminating the confusion.

Having been an executive professor, there is another option that grounds the other three and worth discussing first, a teacher. There is a great body of knowledge on leadership from academicians and practitioners.
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