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January 2014


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Becoming A Legend...

Leadership Advice From The Halls Of Fame

By Hank Moore, Corporate Strategist™

Are you a legend? Do you admire people who went the distance? Have you celebrated organizations that succeeded? I hope that you are and will continue to be distinctive.

This essay is to give insights into those who leave legacies. The secret to long-term success lies in mapping out the vision and building a body of work that supports it. The art with which we build our careers and our legacy is a journey that benefits many others along the way.

These are the ingredients that make a legend:


How Do You Know The IRS Received What You Sent?            

 By George W. Connelly - Silver Fox Advisor

In any given year, a person is likely to send one or more of a fairly standard variety of items to the IRS. Tax returns, payments, responses to inquiries, and claims for refund are the most frequent but certainly not an exhaustive list. I've even known of some people who have sent "thank you notes" to IRS employees who seem to have gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist them. That said, how do you know the IRS actually received what you sent? This is not an idle question, as the IRS' failure to timely receive some of those items can result in serious problems for a taxpayer, ranging from penalties to significant expenditures of time and money to get a problem fixed. So let's look at the ways things are sent. 


Retiring? Don't Worry

It's going to happen, either on your schedule, or on your employer's.

 So what do you do about it? How do you get ready for it, and what do you do when it happens?

Well, here's how it worked for me.

First, I didn't do a lot of planning; sure I thought about what I'd do, but I didn't draw up a list of things I wanted to do, or felt I had to do. I just let things happen, and they really did.

I was in the Automobile business for 56 years. I spent ten years with a manufacturer of domestic automobiles. It became clear to me after about five years that the retail side of the business would be more fun and more profitable, it was.

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