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December 2013


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             Pay Attention To Their Inner World

Exceptional Leaders see all aspects of a situation. The big picture includes inner values, beliefs and internal dynamics. In the four quadrant model, the upper left (individual interior subjective) should be taken into consideration in all decisions and evaluations.

We can see examples in the news where individuals have ignored their real values. Only when they find themselves negotiating a plea bargain agreement, do they realize that something went very wrong. This blindness can happen in less dramatic ways as well, such as when we don't step back and look at all aspects of a situation, including our internal beliefs and values as well as our personality, before we decide.

What Should An Employer Do When It Receives An IRS Notice Of Levy To Garnish Compensation Of A Worker?            

 By George W. Connelly - Silver Fox Advisor

Getting a Notice of Levy from the IRS is never fun, especially if you are the taxpayer. However, it can be even more perilous when you receive one with respect to someone you employ that owes the IRS money, seeking to garnish the worker's compensation. 

An employer would be making a serious mistake to simply ignore the levy, whether she tells the worker about it or not. Any person who receives a levy but fails to honor it faces personal liability under I.R.C. � 6332(d) (1) in the amount of each payment that should have been turned over to the IRS. Thus, the employer who ignores the levy could pay the worker the compensation, as well as have to pay the IRS a second time. In addition, Subsection (d) (2) creates a second tier "penalty," up to 200% of the amount that should have been paid to the IRS, if the failure to do so was willful. 


Elevating Your Professional Promise
By Alison Sfreddo

There seems to be a point in everyone's career when things do not appear to be moving in the direction or pace that one had planned on or envisioned. Everyone at one point may have been (or may now be) in a place where they do not seem to be elevating their career. They work hard, play by the rules and still find themselves getting passed over for key positions or as a lead in a special project. Unfortunately, it is not what they are doing that's gets them overlooked but rather what they could be doing to make themselves standout.

Just doing a great job is not enough to get to the next level. Let's face it, why would a manager want to put an employee in another position when they are doing a great job in the one they are in? The trick to attaining the next promotion is to carefully orchestrate a strategy that positions successes, aspirations, and skills in the forefront so that leadership takes notice. When you are on the radar, your chances for greater opportunities increase. The following are some insightful incentives to put you out front.

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