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July 2014


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Is Nursing or At Home Long Term Care Needed or Necessary?

Before reviewing the various long term care options, current statistics will show the importance of considering this for yourself, your parents; or other family members. The problem of financing at home and nursing home care is not reducing in cost and will not just "go away" any time soon.

  • Americans are aging. A few years ago predictions were that planning to live to age 95 was sufficient. Today projections show age 120 could be in your plans.

  • Without planning ahead, who will be your caregiver? Will it be your wife, your daughter? Will it be necessary that your caregiver quit working for income to care for you; or will you need to quit to care for your family member? Would you want your daughter to have to care for you; or your son to care for your wife?

  • Quality nursing homes can cost today from $5,000 to $7,000 per month. What will it be in year 2020?

  • Today Medicare covers limited amount of long term care; and it is very questionable it will ever cover more in year 2020, if at all.

  • Today nursing or at home care for a cognitively impaired family member is 3 to 4 years. With future medication, will it be longer?

These are just a few statistics to consider when thinking of the need to protect yourself, spouse, or parents from the expense of at home or nursing home care.

After reading this short article, you may wish to consult your personal financial consultant.  All Long Term Care insurance writers require their professional insurance agents to qualify themselves with specific LTC continuing education in order to quote their products. Before consider buying this specific insurance, it is suggested that you ask the agent if his continuing education is current and approved by the insurance company.

Melvin Maltz, LUTCF is a member of The Silver Fox Advisors and can be contacted by email at or thru his website Mr. Maltz is a 28 year member of Houston NAIFA and a Lifetime member of the Million Dollar RoundTable. 

Financial Trend Analysis

By Richard T. Hendee, President Horizon Associates, Inc. and a Silver Fox Advisor

Analyzing the financial trends in a business is an exercise that can be very rewarding not only from a dollar and cents perspective but it also can be very helpful in the planning process and the development of growth strategies.

Almost all business owners can tell you what their Company's annual sales and net profits have been for the last three years, but very few can actually drill down to specific line item trends on the balance sheet and income statement.

Business financial statements are typically viewed as a single point in time, end of the month, end of each quarter or end of the fiscal year. The focus is generally on how much cash is available, how sales are doing and if the business is generating a profit.

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Determining The Right Kind Of Tie-In Causes

By Hank Moore, Corporate StrategistTM

Business marries the community that it settles with. The community has to be given a reason to care for the business. Business owes its well-being and livelihood to its communities.

I recently stopped for lunch at a franchise restaurant. Nobody was at the register. A crew member told me to wait, then later took my order. She started selling donations to some cause, which I declined. When the regular cashier returned, I saw her peddling donation sales. People were blindly making donations, without understanding what they supported. The sales of those promotional pieces caused the line to grow out of the restaurant door. People were just buying the promotion in order to get through the line.

Why Didn't I Get The Job?

By John Sweney 

A great professional who was turned down by a client for a permanent job asked us, "Why didn't I get the job?" That's a perfectly good question - one that has crossed the mind of anyone who has ever interviewed for a job they didn't get. It is also a very difficult question to answer for various legal, ethical and practical reasons.

A better question is, "Why did SOMEONE ELSE get the job?" Better simply because it implies that the decision turns more on the attributes of the person selected rather than on the drawbacks of the persons not selected. And that, my friends, is how decisions are actually made.

So, here is a checklist of all the attributes that winning candidates bring to the table for a given professional opportunity. If you cannot check off ALL of these boxes in the context of a specific opportunity, then that's probably a good indicator of why someone ELSE got the job.

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