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November 2014

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To: All of our Friends, Supporters, Associates and Business Partners


Silver Fox Advisors would like to extend our sincere best wishes to our friends, supporters, associates and business partners and their families for a bountiful and blessed 2014 Thanksgiving Holiday. We thank you all for allowing us to do what we enjoy every day throughout the year. And especially at Thanksgiving, we are so grateful for our many blessings, including have the opportunity to advise, consult and mentor Houston area businesses since 1986.


Tax Planning Considerations For 2014

By Jim Griffing, Principal Griffing & Company, P.C. and A Silver Fox Advisor

Year-end tax planning can be very productive. Proper tax planning can reduce your current and future tax liability. The following are some year-end tax planning considerations for individuals.

Review your federal withholding. If federal income taxes withheld during the year are less than your tax liability for the year, you could incur a penalty. If you are under withheld, submit a corrected Form W-4 to your employer to increase the amount of withholding for the rest of the year so you can avoid a penalty situation. Alternatively, if you are having too much withheld, you can reduce the amount your employer withholds by completing a corrected Form W-4.

Pay school tuition or medical bills for family members directly to the institution rather than giving money to the individual. Amounts paid directly to schools and medical facilities are not subject to the federal gift tax.

Maximize the effect of your charitable contributions by contributing appreciated securities instead of cash. You avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciation and also get a tax deduction for the FMV of the securities gifted.

Accelerate charitable contributions and medical expenses. Both are deductible when charged to your credit card accounts (in 2014), rather than when you pay the credit card company (2015).



Technology In The Past 25 Years

By Keith Thayer a Silver Fox Advisor

It is no surprise that technology is overwhelming us.

Knowledge as represented by research, education, and experience, exploration is increasing exponentially, and as a result "the next best thing" shows up more and more often.

Consider some of the technologies that have and will impact our lives:

  • Space exploration and commercialization;

  • Communications (e-mail, texting, Skype, Linx, photos, u-tube , etc);

  • Surveillance & security;

  • Medicine - Nano-administered treatments, robotic operations, amazing prosthetics, implants, vaccines, etc.;

  • Military Developments that are not disclosed. Plus the things we are aware of, like drones, night vision, incredible missile systems, etc.;

  • Energy sources-Wind, Water (River currents, Tidal, Ocean temperatures and currents, Small Hydro systems) , Solar ( thermal and photovoltaic) , Biofuels, Biomass, Geo thermal ,Fuel cells, Batteries and storage systems, Modular Nuclear Plants, Nuclear Fusion, Fossil Fuels (Natural gas and hydraulic fracturing, LNG, Oil from 10,000 feet to the ocean floor, Clean coal, tar sands, methane hydrates),efficient use and conservation techniques;

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