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December 2014

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Silver Fox Advisors Announces 2015 Directors And Officers

Dec. 5, 2015 - Todaythe Silver Fox Advisors announced the names of the Directors and Officers for 2015. Elected as Officers are:

Jim Griffing, President

Rich Maloney, Vice-President

Donnie Roberts, Treasurer/ Secretary

Elected to the Board of Directors are: Richard Hendee, Mary Kole, Butch Madrazo, Lane Sloan, Al Spinks and Keith Thayer.

Mary Kole will serve as organization's Chairman.


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How To Avoid A Million Dollar Mistake

By Paul Marcus

In recent years, the number of negligent hiring lawsuits filed against employers has increased. These lawsuits are normally filed by a third party who is injured by your employee. Most claims are made charging that the company (you) did not do the proper due diligence of conducting a thorough background check before hiring the employee, and if a proper search had been done, the employee would not have been hired.

By not performing a complete and comprehensive background check, you are leaving yourself and your business open to the following:

  • Unsafe business environment

  • Embezzlement and dishonesty

  • High employee turnover rate

  • Workplace violence

  • Negligent hiring lawsuits

    The average cost to employers of a negligent hiring lawsuit is $1 million and can exceed $40 million. In addition, 79 percent of negligent hiring lawsuits are lost by the employer. Following the recommendations below will assist you in setting up effective screening process.


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