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Have you ever wanted to have your own board to get input on your business plans, to help solve your most difficult business problems, to discuss tricky people issues, and to gain insight into how others solve their business challenges? Sure you would, particularly if there was no cost to you. How can you make that happen? Join a Silver Fox Advisors' CEO Roundtable, one of our signature programs.

Each CEO Roundtable is made up of only CEO's, generally small business owners, and meets monthly for an hour and one half. Every roundtable has a Silver Fox Advisor who acts as a mentor to the group. The roundtable chooses from its members a facilitator who prepares an agenda and coordinates the meeting. All discussions are confidential.

New Roundtables are forming, and open seats are available in existing Roundtables, so if your business is relatively new or you have been in business for a number of years, we have a place for you.

To join a Silver Fox Advisors' CEO Roundtable contact our Executive Director at 713.467.5900 and ask to speak to Lori Wilkins or e-mail Lori at

Lane Sloan, Chairman CEO Roundtable Committee

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How To Persuade An Audiance

By John Sweney

The big nine year old boy - the tallest in his class - steps on to the stage alone. He is a little nervous, but not afraid. He has been on a stage before, but usually with others in a play or recital. Two hundred sympathetic eyes are upon him. Friends, teachers, classmates, family. The applause has died down from the previous contestant. The room is quiet. This is a public speaking contest, after all, but the boy is prepared. He has thoroughly memorized his selected poem, The Adventures of Isabele by Ogden Nash, and he could deliver it backwards if required.

It is over in a flash. It is an amusing poem, so there was some laughter. And nice applause finished it all off. Not a hitch. It was perfectly natural.


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Business Financial Dashboard

By Richard T. Hendee

When you get into your car and turn on the ignition probably the first thing you look at is the dashboard to see if you have enough gas in the tank to make your trip, the battery is charging, your check engine light is not on, and oh yes, the most important thing, your radio is tuned to your favorite station.

If you are a business owner today time is likely your most precious asset. In most businesses the owner is the probably the CEO, which does not necessary mean Chief Executive Officer, it is more likely the Chief Everything Officer. With that in mind your attention and focus when you get in the office is trying to obtain the next deal, make sure that big order went out last night, or answering the phone because Susie is stuck in traffic. You know you need to take a look at your financial situation because payroll is due tomorrow but that fire is not burning right now, and besides it takes too much time right now to figure that out. Well, if this happens to you more that you would like it to, maybe you should look at having a financial dashboard built for your business.  



Exceptional Leaders...

                                  Are Not Too Busy

You should not be too busy to get to essentials. "Busy-ness" is not an excuse to avoid tough decisions or unpleasant but necessary conversations. When one is busy, it is mostly attending to urgent and important matters; and, hopefully not too many unimportant matters.

The Exceptional Leader knows that focusing only on the urgent and important, while critical, may not lead to long term progress. They must also focus on the important but less urgent matters that will yield the best long term results.



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