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June 2014



Collectively and individually, Silver Fox Advisors give back to Houston through involvement in various projects and programs. Mentoring and educating within the community are key activities the Silver Fox Advisors have supported for more than 25 years.

Recently, Silver Fox Advisor Mr. Nick Tillmann joined the famed Houston Technology Center (HTC) as Director of Acceleration - Energy. In this position, Mr. Tillmann will provide strategic and tactical management as well as investment-related advice to early stage energy companies in the Houston area. Nick will assist in recruiting and screening new energy clients and further growing the renewable energy/clean tech area. He will also direct special energy-related projects at HTC.

We are pleased Nick has accepted this position at HTC while he continues his role as an active Silver Fox Advisor. Nick or any Silver Fox Advisor can be reached by contacting our Executive Director at or by phone at 713-467-5900.


Mary L. Kole, President Silver Fox Advisors  

Stay Put And Transform Your Job!

By John Sweney

For someone who earns his living by matching great job seekers with great jobs, it would seem counterproductive to suggest that employees should make every effort to keep - even transform - the jobs they already have. If people stay put, one could argue, there is no one to fill the openings for my company and for my clients' companies.

High performers are looking for a new jobs...

I need not worry. According to a recent workplace study by Leadership IQ, 47 percent of the high performers in companies are actively looking for other jobs - they're posting and submitting resumes, and going on interviews. (This should be sobering news for managers, because while it's bad enough that almost half of your high performers are thinking about quitting, what's worse is that the low performers want to stay! Only 18% of low performing employees are actively seeking other jobs.)

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Yesterdayism...Learning From The Past, Planning For The Future

By Hank Moore, Corporate StrategistTM

This Annual Report issue celebrates the year, as basis for helping business people to prepare for the future.

People are interesting combinations of the old, the new, the tried and the true. Individuals and organizations are more resilient than they tend to believe. They've changed more than they wish to acknowledge. They embrace innovations, while keeping the best traditions.

When one reflects at changes, he-she sees directions for the future. Change is innovative. Customs come and go...some should pass and others might well have stayed with us.

There's nothing more permanent than change. For everything that changes, many things stay the same. The quest of life is to interpret and adapt that mixture of the old and new. People who fight change have really changed more than they think. 

The Leadership Mastery MapTM

In our leadership coaching practice, we see that most successful leaders look at their world holistically. They are able to see all aspects of a situation and bring wisdom and sophistication to their decision making processes. They see the big picture; they know themselves; they understand the culture; they can take effective personal action, and they know their business. We call this multi-faceted perspective The Leadership Mastery Map™. This model is based on the work of Ken Wilber, a well-known contemporary philosophical thinker. It encompasses all of the territory which a leader must navigate.

Exceptional Leaders See the Big Picture

Exceptional Leaders see the world holistically. They see the big picture. This allows them to avoid blindsiding themselves when drawing conclusions and making decisions.

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