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August 2014


TAKE ACTION: Turn yourself into a Great Leader


Have you thought about really improving your leadership? There is a copious amount of leadership books, articles, courses and seminars presenting a myriad of different angles to improve leadership capabilities. Unfortunately, they do not bring about a gestalt for managers to see the bigger leadership picture. For many managers, this scattered approach can make the concept of leadership rather confusing, without a clear focus to pursue. A primary reason for this confusion emanates from leadership writings and courses that talk in abstract context that is isolated from any specific leadership situations and your actual work environment.

Come hear Lane Sloan clear up this confusion in his leadership seminar as he talks about:

  • discovering what is a great leader that will shift your mindset

  • how developing a value proposition will get people to follow you

  • how to meld your outer and inner world together to get great results

  • how to develop your leadership plan as a pathway to becoming a great leader

  • the 10 key steps to developing your actionable leadership plan

Lane, the former CFO of Shell Oil Company and President of Shell Chemical Company, has a passion for leadership. His eclectic background of 29 years at Shell with 15 years in senior management, 5 years as an executive professor teaching strategic leadership, and over a decade as a Silver Fox Advisor and CEO mentor brings a unique perspective to the real practice of leadership and developing an actionable leadership plan tied to your actual work environment. Lane's goal is to develop great leaders in organizations that have a real objective of creating significant successes. He knows that people will follow success.  Learn how to become one of these great leaders.

Join him on September 12, 2014 at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Houston, Texas from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM. There is limited seating so sign up early HERE. The minimal $275 cost includes a copy of his book Develop a Leadership Plan: Become a Great Leader.


Pay Rent Or Own Your Business Property 

By Noel Graubart, a Silver Fox Advisor

This is a question that many business owners should be asking as part of their long range business plan and exit arrangements for the future.

Owning the business property is not going to be wise for all business owners. Many companies are in the process of expansion and the use of capital as well as the flexibility lost can be a hindrance rather than an advantage. If the space needs may change substantially in the near future, they may be better off having the flexibility of easily moving to larger space until the business has matured regarding its space needs.

However, let's take as an example a small business that is leasing 2,000 square feet in a showroom/warehouse building. They are distributing tools to construction trades and have been in business for about 20 years.

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Cut The Weeds

Focus on Priorities and Strategy. Avoid the Time Zappers

By Hank Moore, Corporate StrategistTM

One of the by-products of being high-profile is that you get hangers-on. Most mean well and want to associate with someone successful. Some are groupies, and some are outright users. The art is to discern and marginalize the weeds from your path.

One mean-weller kept hounding me. He wanted to introduce me to people to form "strategic partnerships." Turns out that they were people with their hands out, thinking that somebody (anybody) could magically open doors for them. I tried to set boundaries with that person. He would not respect perimeters.

One of his "strategic partners" called me and conferenced in the introducer. This was not a scheduled conference call, and I felt blind-sighted. Neither one asked if this was a good time to talk or apologized for calling with no warning.

Motivating Employees To Achieve The Strategic Plan

By Thinking Partners, Inc. | The Leadership Coaching Company

Most motivational theorists state that one person cannot motivate another. Motivation is internal. There has to truly be an internal need to accomplish an objective. While this may be true, leaders can, by communicating effectively, create a culture that will inspire others to take action.

The days of authoritarian power oriented and fear driven leadership are over. Employees just won't put up with it. They will simply quit because in today's economy they can find other work. Leaders must fully engage employees in their vision and create the conditions where they are truly self- motivated; there is an internal desire to take action.

There are some simple yet powerful approaches that a leader can take that will inspire and motivate employees to achieve.

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