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October 2013


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Exceptional Leaders... Build Powerful Teams

A team is a group of interdependent individuals committed to achieving a common objective. The team's success depends on the contribution of each member.  Exceptional leaders build powerful teams by finding the right people for the team and insuring that everyone on the team is focused on a common objective, aligned with each other on roles and responsibilities, and communicating effectively.

Team members must trust each other to perform their respective roles. This means that team members are reliable and competent. Team members collaborate with each other and fully express their individual views.

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Global Cash Flow          

Has your banker recently asked you for more financial information than ever before? Have you heard the term "Global Cash Flow" used by bankers in the last few years?

Well if you haven't heard this term, you likely will be hearing it more and more. It is the latest buzz word that bankers are throwing out to their customers because banking regulators are throwing it out at them.

What does "Global Cash Flow" mean and how does it affect me and my banking relationship?

The term "Global Cash Flow" cannot be found on Wikipedia or even in the Merriam Webster Dictionary. We all know what "Cash" is, and "Cash Flow" is the movement of money into and out of a company. When more comes in than goes out, it is said to be a positive cash flow. A negative cash flow is when more goes out than comes in. 


How To Go From Good To Great... High Potential Leadership 

There are good leaders today in many companies, but seemingly, there are very few great leaders. Great leaders attach themselves to a purpose and take others on the voyage with them. They don't hide or "throw" people under the bus. They inspire others to great heights, are proactive, persistent, have empathy, good judgment, initiative, and drive. They are able to respond effectively to the circumstances presented to them.

When you think about great leaders some people quickly come to mind; Steve Jobs, Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul, Mahatma Gandhi, George Washington, Fred Smith, Abraham Lincoln, Ray Kroc, Winston Churchill, Sam Walton, Nelson Mandela, Jack Welch, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Queen Elizabeth I, Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Margaret Thatcher, Walt Disney, & Richard Branson. (In no particular order)

Great leaders are the ones that change, an industry, the community, the company, the world. They have some common attributes that help take them to the next level.

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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month       

For more than two decades, the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has educated women about breast cancer, especially the importance of detecting the disease in its earliest stages through screening mammography, clinical breast examination, and for women 20 years of age and older, breast self-examination.

According to the National Cancer Institute, Breast Cancer is the most common non-skin cancer, and the second leading cause of cancer related death in women. Currently, $570 million dollars a year is spent on breast cancer research.

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