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May 2012
The news from the National Restaurant Association show was exciting.

See the article below to learn all of the new and exciting technology changes.

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MICROS at the NRA show
The MICROS User's Conference
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Mobile Payment Solutions
Are you effectively tracking your prime cost?
MICROS at the NRA Show

MICROS Showcases Fully Integrated Set of Solutions at 2012 National Restaurant Association Show

MICROS webOrdering - a simple and intuitive online ordering solution designed for operators in need of a fast and efficient way to get their restaurant online and begin taking orders. Fully integrated with the MICROS 3700 POS, webOrdering fits directly into current restaurant operational processes, utilizing existing KDS and printing capabilities for order preparation and existing payment infrastructure for credit card processing. MICROS webOrdering can be highly branded to represent an engaging online experience for customers, resulting in an ordering site that closely resembles the restaurant's existing web site and in-store experience.


MICROS myreservations - an easy and effective way to offer online reservations to customers. This software is fully integrated with the MICROS Table Management System (TMS) and seamlessly handles customer preferences, seating capacity, available staff, and effortlessly manages the dining experience. MICROS myreservations is accessible via the restaurant's website, enabling guests to see accurate, real-time availability in the restaurant.


MICROS POS iPad Ordering Client - provides an extension to the MICROS POS with in-store mobile ordering for restaurant staff on the Apple iPad. The mobile application allows the restaurant to serve its customers wherever they are enjoying the restaurant's hospitality. With the MICROS POS iPad Ordering Client, the restaurant can greet guests and serve them faster, improve order accuracy, and increase table turns and customer spend.


MICROS InMotion - allows management to access the feature-rich business intelligence of direct from a smartphone. MICROS's is a robust and comprehensive reporting engine that compiles and organizes financial and operational key metrics in easy-to-view online reports. Management can view up to the minute information and comparison graphs, while being alerted to other critical money saving metrics.


Simphony™ - a cloud-based POS system, built using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), which is perfect for small single unit operators or large enterprise operations. Simphony™ can be implemented on property or as a Cloud service, allowing standardization across a small chain or large enterprise. This centralized, web-based POS aggregates data across all locations, providing advanced reporting as information is collected from each workstation at every store. Changes such as menu items, pricing, promotions, and product descriptions can be made in one place and reflected in real-time on workstations, menu boards, websites, kiosks, and mobile ordering systems across the enterprise.


MICROS Kitchen Display System (KDS) - provides real time information to the kitchen staff by displaying food orders for preparation and monitors the timing of orders for speed of service. It provides feedback about the status of each table and captures service times for management reporting. MICROS KDS helps to improve order accuracy and speed of service, increasing customer satisfaction. MICROS KDS is ideal for any restaurant looking to reduce costs, increase service levels, and maximize revenues through efficient operations and optimized staff communication.


MICROS Mobile Payments powered by Tabbedout - the secure and innovative way to open, review and pay restaurant or bar tabs using a smartphone, representing a consumer cultural revolution in payment technology. A seamless integration enables MICROS restaurant and bar customers to deploy Tabbedout for faster and more convenient tab payments, social media integration, and direct marketing to consumer devices.


Save the date for the MICROS User's Conference!
MICROS 2012 User Conference
Make sure you are on validated version.
PCI Validation
If you are not on a validated version, call us to get information on getting your system upgraded - (907)243-2683.
Mobile Payment

Tabbedout is the cure for forgotten credit cards.


Our free app for iPhone and Android allows patrons to:


OPEN a tab with their mobile phone


VIEW their tab in real-time


PAY their tab anytime, anywhere.


SHARE their location, check in and announce

their open tab on Facebook, Twitter and more!


And Tabbedout can be directly integrated into your Point of Sale System.


Or call us at 243-2683 to see a demo.
Tips and Tricks

Do you know your Prime Cost?


Did you know that most full service restaurants should keep their prime cost at 65% or less and for quick service restaurants it should be at 60% or less?


According to an article from the National Restaurant Association, a restaurant operator needs to review their prime cost weekly.  Waiting until the end of the month can be too late to act. 


Click here to read the entire article from the NRA.


 Click here for more resources about prime cost
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