We Are Blessed!  Celebrating New Members Again!
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November 2nd, 2017
Stewardship Sunday
and Harvest Feast!
We celebrate New Members
      T his Sunday, November 5, 2017 at 9:30 a.m.  is Stewardship Sunday, when we bring in our pledge cards and celebrate community with a beautiful service of music 
by the Eldridge String Quartet and Stephen Iverson and the SHPC Singers.  Following the service, all are welcome for the Annual Harvest Feast, a delicious partly-potluck (bring a side dish or dessert; turkey is provided by our wonderful Deacons).  

     Middle school and high school youth, you are welcome to sit with Charles Wei, our Youth Director.
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Bev piano
A Note from Pastor Bev
I'm sending you blessings of peace from chilly Chicago today, where I'm meeting with the Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy of our national church.  
We are preparing for General Assembly 2018, set for St. Louis, MO in June, by finalizing our work on, for example, the church's policy on drug reform. We will also be discussing the need for the church's voice to be heard on questions like, W hen should religious freedom justify discrimination?  Is Christian faith practice a justification to violate state anti-discrimination laws and refuse service to a gay couple?  Is it a reason to refuse to offer family planning services?  I look forward to some meaty discussions with you at Let's Talks when I return!

Don't miss this Sunday with the Eldridge String Quartet!  This year they are playing 3 lively short movements by Randall Thompson - a great introduction to symphony music for youngsters and delightful for all ages.  All are welcome for the music and the feast!  Bring friends!  

And of course, please bring your pledge cards. A HUGE shout-out to the Baigrie family for being our Stewardship Chairs and bringing us such an authentic and inspiring message about why we give to support the church.

What a great blessing to serve this wonderful church!

In peace,

November Calendar
Friday, November 3

NO Bible Study - Bev's away
Sunday, November 5
                 9:00 a.m.

              1 0:30 a.m.              
String Quartet and Offering of Pledge Cards
Harvest Feast Potluck- All Welcome

Wednesday, November 8
                 7:30 p.m. 

SHPC Singers- All Welcome
Friday, November 10

Bible Study 
Sunday, November 12
                   9:30 a.m.

                  10:30 a.m.
                10:40 a.m.
Veterans' Day Weekend
Honored Guest - 2d Lt. Nicki Arnold Swindle
Coffee and Fellowship - All Welcome
Let's Talk Church Financial Resiliency

NO Bible Study this Friday, November 3rd
 See you next Friday!
Please Remember in Your Prayers

Those who lost loved ones and are injured and suffering on account of the NYC truck driving tragedy, may God comfort and heal them, and may God guide us to bring more peace to the world in a meaningful way;
All those impacted by the wildfires, those who have lost loved ones, their homes, their livelihoods, their pets, their health, their neighborhoods, f or strength, support, comfort, healing, and resilience; may people far and wide be God's hands, feet, and heart bringing relief from suffering, and comfort in mourning;
The firefighters, for safety and strength, may they be blessed;
Victims of the Las Vegas shooting,  for God's  comfort, strength, and healing for all those who have lost their loved ones, are injured and/or traumatized, and suffering as a result of this tragedy;  
The people of Puerto Rico and all those suffering from the hurricanes and their aftermath, and from the Mexico earthquakes, for strength, support, comfort, and healing; may people far and wide be God's hands, feet, and heart bringing relief from suffering, and comfort in mourning;
Nance Rosencranz, recovering from a stroke, for full and complete recovery, for God's loving presence to be felt;
Carolyn Goodman's sister Wendy, who lost her home to a house fire, for God's loving and constant presence, and for the loving support of all around her to be with her as she rebuilds;
Dennis Latta's father Leroy,  recently diagnosed with dementia, for God's loving presence to be with Leroy and his family;
Kalli Bane,  for relief from abdominal pain, and for restful sleep surrounded by God's love for her and her family;
Peg Maclise's sister Kim, for God's healing presence, and for PegGod's strength, love, and peace; 
Kelsey Lopin,  for total healing, renewed strength, continued flourishing, creativity, and energy to share her God-given gifts;
Andrea Proster, sister of Nancy Elberg, for complete healing, and for Nancy to continue to feel God's abiding presence in companioning her;
All those suffering from racial discrimination, racial violence, and hatred, for God's justice and healing;
Those living in the shadows and fearing deportation, for safety, security for their families and children, a path to citizenship, and sanctuary;
The incarcerated, and their loved ones, for a justice system and prison system that uphold our highest values;
Our country, for a way forward where we live our values of justice and equality for all people; 
The refugees and displaced , almost 1 out of 100 people in the world today, for safety, homes, the basics of life, and freedom from being scapegoated;
Our Muslim neighbors, subject to Islamophobia and hate crimes;
Our planet, the world's poor, all who suffer from disruptive climate change, may we continue our work to keep the planet livable;
Praying Hands
The PC(USA), for courage and energy to continue our world-wide mission of love and justice for all people;
Dr. Doug Tilton, our PC(USA) mission co-worker in Southern Africa;
Our church, for the Spirit to continue to guide us and fill us with energy for mission and love for all our neighbors!

Please take time this week to pray for those on our list.
Season of Peace
First Sunday Peace Practice: 
Mindful Breathing

Second Sunday Peace Practice:
Relationship Repair

Third Sunday Peace Practice:
Lighten Your  Wallet

Fourth Sunday Peace Practice:
Welcome the Newcomer

                   Fifth Sunday Peace Practice:
         Smile at Someone Who Hasn't Earned It
Peace Be with You!

Worship is Our Sacred Gathering 
church view with bev

Sunday worship is sacred time, a co-created safe and supportive space for the beloved community to gather and worship and pray together, so that all can be spiritually nurtured and renewed.  It is not a time for discussion of church finances. 
Questions and feedback about church business may be brought to the Session as a whole by emailing the Clerk, or to any of the elders, your elected representatives, individually:

Dennis Latta, Clerk of Session, dennis.latta@gmail.com
Jody Brockett, Worship Elder, schmetz1@comcast.net
Doug Eisinger, Finance Elder, doug.eisinger@gmail.com
Patti Vance, Mission Elder, PV3@comcast.net
Janel Stewart, Family Ministries Elder, janelstewart@gmail.com
Merle Ongaro, Membership Elder, mochotogether@comcast.net
Ahmed Abu Aly, Building and Grounds Elder, aabualy@yahoo.com
Rev. Bev Brewster, Pastor, beverlybrewster@comcast.net

We Welcome New Members Sunday Nov. 5 during the service

We'll be welcoming new members one more time (until next year) this Sunday, Sunday, Nov. 5 for those of you who feel called to commit to building up the peacemaking community!  The New Member packets are on Bev's desk; just let Bev know if you have any questions, and arrange a time to meet with Session and join the church by clicking on
To Middle and High School YOUTH and their PARENTS from Charles

The youth group made the bold decision this week to sign the "Elevate the Discussion" pledge, as a group. For any of you who are unfamiliar with this pledge, it is a movement that seeks to facilitate meaningful discussion through respectful listening and speaking, and encourages people to speak out when others are not respectfully listening and speaking. Here is the pledge in its entirety:

"I pledge to discuss challenging community issues with thoughtfulness, to treat people whose opinions differ from mine with respect, and to focus on ideas, policies and solutions. I will encourage others to do the same. I will speak up and publicly object when I hear name-calling, stereotypes, disparaging comments and slurs. I will do this because our community's health and social well-being is important to me and I know that we cannot effectively deal with challenging problems without these commitments."

By signing this pledge, our kids are taking a stand against bullying and marginalization, and they are calling for more compassion and empathy in our interactions with others. By signing this pledge, they are role-modeling integrity and a level of accountability that we all can strive for. 

As the parents of the youth, and as a congregation, I think that we can be very proud of this decision that our youth group has made.

I would like to take this moment to personally thank you all for inviting me back to be the youth director at Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian Church, and for your commitment to the youth program. Please keep an eye out for weekly updates on what the groups will be doing in the months to come.

Grace and peace,

Charles Wei
Youth Director
Meet More New Members!
Lucas Russell
Bill, Lucas, and Lisa O'Callaghan
Maureen (Mo) and Damon Blechen
Justin and Anna Welch

Kristen and Greg Rivers
(Top row) Ava Podboy & Jordan Gauna
Pim and Warren Brouwer and Judy Ford

Meet Our New Members!
Maira Strauss
Arde Farbod
Ana Nathe with Aiden and Nathaniel 
Katie McKee with daughters Allie & Elsie 
Isabel Torres

Lisa and Andy Bane with daughters Ellarie and Kalli

Kristel Frank
Juliet and Diane Latta

Mary and Brian West
All-Church Bocce - Fun for All! 
The Winners!
Doug and Patti Eisinger, Katie McKee, and Sharon Adams
Thanks to Elder Merle Ongaro and Deacons for Organizing Us!!!!!

Halloween Open House!
Flynn and Rowan Baigrie
Bull (Michael) & Matador (Pastor Bev)
Heidi Blechen and Friend
The Swaim Family

Greg, Abigail and Braelin Rivers
(right) Jessie Gauna with friends
The Warriors and Friends

The Eldridge String Quartet 
Alleluia by Randall Thompson
Stewardship Sunday, November 5th, 9:30 am
We warmly welcome back the Eldridge String Quartet!
Meg Eldridge, viola, performs with the Santa Rosa Symphony, Marin Symphony, Sacramento Philharmonic, the Modesto Symphony, and various Baroque groups.  
Tammie Dyer, violin, holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts from Stony Brook University, an M.M. from Rice University, and a B.M. from the University of Utah. Tammie is an active chamber musician and performs regularly throughout the Bay Area.
Charmian Stewart, violin, has a Bachelor and Master Degrees in violin performance from the Cleveland Institute of Music. She has been previously and is currently active in many orchestras. She is also on the teaching staff of San Domenico and the WISE Academy.

Joel Cohen, cello, had his early musical training in the San Francisco Bay Area. Joel has performed with numerous orchestras in North America and Europe and has toured throughout the world.  He received Grammy nominations in 2007 and 2008. Joel teaches cello at Humboldt State University and Pacific Union College.

Stewardship Sunday and Harvest Feast 
Sunday, November 5
Questions about the Feast - 
Click Peg

Order Your Holiday Wreaths Sunday from Warren 

Dear church fellows and participants, and all others who contribute to the church,
My name is Warren Brouwer, and some of you will know me as the "Wreath Scout", as I have been likewise selling wreaths to you for three years at the autumn fest in the first weekend of November. These wreaths will benefit my boy scout troop 59 and me to embark on new camp-outs and will also make your front door look beautiful. I am here to announce  that once again I am selling these wreaths on the first and second weekends of November this year. If you would like to buy one of these wreaths from me again or for the first time, make sure to bring your checkbooks on those to Sundays. If you cannot make it to these two Sundays, feel free to order online from my website.   http://sffsalestrack.com/BSATroop59/WarrenBrouwerTroop59

               Thank you all,
                Warren Brouwer

Food 4 Good,   SHPC's Youth R.E.S.T. Cooking Program will start Sunday, November 5th. W e will also plant our winter garden from 3-4pm. We will then be cooking from 4-6pm.

Can't make it to the first one? Come join us next month. We meet the first Sunday of every month from 4-6pm. 

Hope your kids can join us! Please sign up online here.

Questions? Contact   Judy or Jen
REST Sign-ups - Our Life-Giving Ministry to the Unhoused Community

As we've done for so many years, SHPC volunteers to be part of the REST program in Marin County to feed our unhoused neighbors in Marin County.
This year, we'll feed the men on the first Monday of the month, and feed women on the 2nd Tuesday of the month -- but we need YOUR help!
Please volunteer to make food, set up, serve, share the meal, and clean up -- either with the Men's and/or the Women's program. 

To volunteer to be a part of the women's program, sign up here
To volunteer to be a part of the men's program, sign up here
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our REST coordinator, Carolyn Goodman,  carolyn@goodmanmarketing.com or 415.250.6264.

Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm
Community Yoga @ Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian
Upstairs at 100 Tarry Rd

$10 donation, we have mats if you don't.
This is a gentle evening class where we are moving through the basics of yoga whilst building strength and flexibility in a supportive community.


Report from Session - October Meeting and Update

The Little Mountain Preschool Lease Extension was approved by Church Mission Finance (Finance Committee) of the Presbytery of the Redwoods yesterday.  The extended lease runs through July 31, 2021 and continues the current rental increase structure and better defines the leased premises.  All parties are pleased to extend this very positive relationship.

The October 18 regular meeting of Session included:  Officer Training concerning baptism, new members, the ministry of members, and related matters from the Book of Order; a preview visit from the Financial Resiliency Alternate Option Group in preparation for the 11/12 Let's Talk; consideration of Mexico Mission accounting and policy matters; review of monthly financial reports; approval of baptism; report from Presbytery concerning fire relief and approval of $2,500 donation from church reserve for fire relief fund; update on solar panels; discussion of stewardship campaign; review of updated capital improvement/maintenance needs and estimates for addressing them; youth program update; garden fund disbursement update; youth climate change summit 2018 update; membership, worship, deacon, and moderator reports.  Opened and adjourned with prayer.
In peace,
Dennis Latta, Clerk, Doug Eisinger, Finance Elder, Jody Brockett, Worship Elder, Patti Vance, Mission Elder, Janel Stewart, Family Ministries Elder, Ahmed Abu-Aly, Building and Grounds Elder, Merle Ongaro, Membership Elder, Kit Argilla, Board of Deacons, Moderator, Rev. Bev Brewster, Pastor
Thank you for the Generous Contributions to Presbytery Fire Relief!

Your Session voted at its last meeting to donate $2,500 from the church's reserve to the Presbytery's Fire Relief Fund on behalf of Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian Church, and thanks all of you who have donated too!  Our Presbytery pastors are committed to direct the aid to the neediest first, in keeping with the Gospel. 

A Message from our Presbytery Council about H ousing:
Housing for all those who have lost their homes is going to be a monumental challenge. If you have a room or house that is available either short-term or long-term, please contact the presbytery office and we will compile this information and make it available to pastors and/or other church leaders who have been designated by their congregation. The list will not be publicly posted. If you have space, please send your message to the presbytery office by e-mail with the subject line indicating you have housing available. The presbytery e-mail address is: pbyrw@pacbell.net.

Financial Resiliency -  Criteria for a Sustainable Resilient Church  and the Way Forward from the Session - Next Let's Talk Sun. Nov. 12 @ 10:40 a.m.

Dear Members and Friends of Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian Church,
Session invites you to a November 12  Let's Talk  following the service, where Session will again outline the Sustainability Criteria (below) and the Session's best option for church finances going forward, as presented in the congregational letter and Let's Talk in August, and then Chris Lopin and Mark Sarkisian will present an alternate option. After the Let's Talk , a survey of preferences will be conducted to help to guide Session on the path forward. That will conclude the financial resiliency discussions for this year. In January, at budget time, and before the 110 Tarry lease runs out, the current Session will discern whether a strong consensus exists in favor of selling the church property at 110 Tarry, and if so, will call a congregational meeting for a vote on the sale of 110 Tarry.   

Here are The Sustainability Criteria:

(1) pastor housing option which is affordable to the church and a future pastor (note that the cost of removing the large fallen tree at 110 Tarry in August exceeded the maintenance budget for 2017 and the rental increase, so that 110 Tarry will finish the year "in the red," taking from the church operating budget rather than contributing);

(2) reduce our debt (as a tax-exempt organization we get no tax benefits from debt; debt is our third largest expense; dollars which go into paying the 110 Tarry mortgages add to illiquid equity instead of living ministry; SHPC is the 4th most indebted church of the 48 churches in our regional body);

(3) establish a capital improvement/maintenance fund to meet the significant needs of the church facility, so that we invest in our church;

(4) i ncrease the operating budget without putting additional stress on our pledgers, so that unmet staffing, facilities, and program needs can be met (unmet needs, aka "the structural deficit") and the church can continue to grow and flourish;

(5) direct precious volunteer energy and hours into God's work. 
In peace,
Dennis Latta, Clerk, Doug Eisinger, Finance Elder, Jody Brockett, Worship Elder, Patti Vance, Mission Elder, Janel Stewart, Family Ministries Elder, Ahmed Abu-Aly, Building and Grounds Elder, Merle Ongaro, Membership Elder, Kit Argilla, Board of Deacons, Moderator, Rev. Bev Brewster, Pastor

NEW FOLKS - We will match you with a veteran so that you can be trained on our highly complex coffeemaker and have FUN!

Fellowship time is organized by your Deacons. We need everyone to sign-up about 3-4 times a year. 
Click below to sign up: 
November: Peg's Parish
Sign up now and keep the hospitality

Don't be shy, Greeting is a Treat!
We've updated the signups for the new year!  

Help with our ministry of hospitality by signing up to be a greeter! All you have to do is get to church by 9:15, light the candles, and hand out bulletins with a smile. Thank you to all who have signed up so far!

Thank you all for your continued support,
Jody Brockett, 
Worship Elder
We hope you can attend this important meeting. It will take all of us to stop hate.
No charge for the event however donations to Not in Our Town are welcome. 
Suggested donation of $5-10  
The 12th Annual Visionary Marin
 A fundraiser for the Marin Interfaith Council  
Sunday, November 12, 3:30 -6:00 pm 
Congregation Rodef Sholom
170 N. San Pedro Rd.
San Rafael, CA 94903

Reservation Information
One: $55   Two: $100

Our Honorees 
This year we honor three visionaries who have addressed Marin's housing crisis:
Jeff Bialik  - the retiring E.D. of Catholic Charities
Katie Crecelius  - an affordable housing advocate 
Steven Saxe  - board member on fair/affordable housing orgs 
Hear the wisdom and vision of our honorees (Interviewer: Peter Collins)
Connect with Marin faith communities and interfaith partners
Enjoy delectable appetizers and desserts
Enter the drawing to win one of the bountiful gift baskets
Experience Song Weaving with Pollyanna Bush. 
**Remember to bring cash or a check book to purchase drawing tickets for our bountiful gift baskets!

For more information or to register  click here
Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian Church
100 Tarry Road
San Anselmo, CA  94960
Katie Brendler,  Editor
E-mail us at shpchurch@comcast.net or call us at 415-453-8221