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Smokin' Dave's

Press Release
Smokin' Dave Announces:

Four H Farms is growing !
Coldspring, Texas March 14, 2011 -                                                                                                                                               Smokin' Dave's recently changed their name and Logo for their Smoked Jalaapeno's to "Texas Twisters" The Logo was done by a seventh grade student  ( Kyle Mitchka) at the Jr. High School where he taught.
  I thought our  world famous product needed a little more "pizzaz" in it's name, Says founder Smokin' Dave.
  We also changed our process a bit so that the "Texas Twisters" can be even more versatile. ( We used to split each jalapeno, now we puncture them)
  They can be used whole to make the worlds best Jalapeno Poppers or as an addition to chile...or..., sliced for awesome nachos... or hamburgers... or fajitas like no other... minced or pureed and added to salads... salad dressings... BBq.........."They are just too versatile" says his brother Jerry.
  As always all of our products are still all natural.Our favorite products, peppers and garlic are included on most Doctors top ten food lists. 

 Smokin' Dave says they are concentrating on the Texas Market for now. Their products can be found in all Central Markets , many Whole Foods Markets and most Spec's stores throughout the Lone Star State, as well as many other smaller stores.

  Just call up Smokin' Dave or order online and he'll get them shipped ASAP.                                                                                              


For more information please check out our website.


About Smokin' Dave's

Smokin' Daves was founded in 2005 as part of Four H Farms (Dawn, Dave, Blake and Hannah Hill)
  We strive to produce alternative flavors that are also good for you.The original "Texas Twister" gave rise to other products such as Smoked Garlic ( Not roasted!) , Smoked Habanero's, Smoked Olives and Smoked Mushrooms.
  Other companies have made award winning recipe's with our products., a few of which can be found in our products section on our website.


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