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Winter 2016 Newsletter

Happy almost end of January!!
It's been awhile since I've sent out any newsletters or specials; way overdue!

This year is my year to get focused, be consistent and more organized; although I probably say that every year. Now that I physically feel better after dealing with pain and tendonitis in my hands and feet for a few years; and the kitchen remodel last year (that of course turned into a beast and went way longer and was way more work than I anticipated) is pretty much done; I will have more time and energy to focus on adding some new techniques, services and specials throughout the year!
That's my goal anyway, so feel free to remind me and keep me on track!

Did you make any goals or resolutions for this year?

How are your goals being accomplished?

Are you still focused on them and being consistent?

Keep reminding yourself why you chose that goal/resolution to keep yourself inspired!

As always I look forward to seeing you soon.

Rebecca Tokarz
What Massage Can Do For You
Beyond Pain Relief, Massage is Valuable for Preventive Care
Karrie Osborn

Whether it is an aching back, recovery from an injury, a case of carpal tunnel syndrome, or a host of other debilitating physiological conditions, there's no doubt massage and bodywork works to relieve pain. But once your therapist has helped you tackle your pain, do you quit calling? When the pain is gone, are you gone, too?

Massage therapy is highly effective for pain relief, but it is an amazing preventive therapy as well. Massage helps build and maintain a healthy body (and mind), it combats stress, and it works to keep the immune system strong. In short, massage can keep on working for you, even after the pain is gone. 

Pre-Session Yoga Moves for Calm
Mary Beth Braun

It's one of those mornings. Your alarm didn't go off and you have an appointment in an hour. How can you quickly collect and calm yourself enough to be fully present for the day ahead? Breath and yoga. 

Take this time to center and calm yourself. Start by channeling your yoga instructor or massage therapist and begin with breath (pranayama): inhaling to the count of three and exhaling to the count of six. Do this three times and move on to do a few yoga poses (asanas).

You remember a few basic yoga poses from class, right? Try these two: simple seated twist and standing half moon. 

Gifts of Green Tea
Jed Heneberry

Green tea, the most popular beverage in the world, has long been valued for its positive effects on a variety of health problems. WebMD cites a decade of research on green tea's benefits--fighting cancer and heart disease, lowering cholesterol, burning fat, preventing diabetes and stroke, and more.
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