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April 2011
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SWOW SC1SWOW Moves to Sutter Creek
April 1 

We finally made the move to our new location in Sutter Creek at 270 Hanford Street - Unit A. That's on the old Highway 49 just across from the Days Inn. Sunday morning marked our first meeting in our new home with 16 present for one or both services. Many remarked on how sacred the space felt and we enjoyed the spaciousness.   


Our time at Motherlode Holistic Connection served us well and we are thankful to Brandy Astwood for giving us a temporary home. It was time for us to have our own place and a wonderful space opened up for us.  


A special thank you to all who supported us with special donations, helping with the move, clean up, and setting up. We are grateful for your generous blessing of service.  God, through you, supplied our financial need with a special donation of $2,050. 

Thank you!!! 


We will celebrate our wonderful new space with a Grand Opening on May 1 from 1 - 4 p.m. with a special Dedication Service at 10:15 a.m. and Wisdom Circle at 11:15 a.m.  


Our Hours of Operation:   

Sunday Meditation - 10:15

Wisdom Circle - 11:15

Monday 10 am - 4 pm

Tuesday - By Appointment   

Wednesday 9:30 - 11 & By Appointment 

Thursday - By Appointment

Friday - By Appointment

Saturday - By Appointment 


Contact Rev. Patsy at 209-418-9003 for an

School of Wisdom
The Sophia School of Wisdom is still accepting registration for the Religions East & West class that will begin April 17 from 2:30 - 6:30 p.m. Contact the registrar at 267-5687 or email 


The Inner Work Through Dream Study is closed, but the Ongoing Introduction to Meditation class has open registration.


May 21-22

10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 


The Dynamic Feminine Era

Come explore with us through a look at: 

Waking the Global Heart

The Impact of Feminine Force! 

What about the Masculine?

The Mary Phenomena

and much more!  



A Course in Miracles

Helen Bonner, ACIM Teacher:   

Beginning this week, the Course In Miracles group will be viewing DVD's by internationally known ACIM teachers, Marianne Williamson, Jerry Jampolsky, and Kenneth Wapnick.  New to the Course or a long time student/teacher,  come and join us for discussion and sharing.   

ACIM is held at La Creative Gallery, 42 Main Street in Jackson. Contact Helen at 257-1832 for more information. 


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Sophia's Well of Wisdom

270 Hanford Street,  

Unit A

Sutter Creek, CA 95685



Blessings of Love & Light 

Rev. Patsy Walker Fine


With the move from Jackson to Sutter Creek and tax time upon us, the April newsletter is a little late. But worth the wait as you will see. Before we enjoyed our first Sunday in the new and lovely space, some of us met for a quiet time of thankfulness and dedication. Below you will find the Prayer of Dedication for SWOW along with some other inspirational writing contributions from our Spring Equinox Celebration. Enjoy!


Download the Calendar for April. 

Lynnea Honn
Spirit Journal

      by Lynnea Honn


March 20, 2011 we celebrated the Spring Equinox, when light lingers long, seeds germinate, life comes up like a Phoenix from the ashes.  This year our first day of spring was shadowed with storm and the "super Perigree" full moon was veiled in cloud, rain and snow.  Powerful energy blew from all the elements.  In this environment we centered to our higher selves for practice in honoring the birth of written expression.  The Spirit Journal features three guest writers who took part in our Creative Writing Workshop.


Hello Mother by Gloria St. John

     "Hello, Mother," I always say when I reach the end of the sand or rocks and greet the ocean. We have known each other a long time, as mothers and grown daughters have - longer than forever. Several times I have entered wholly into her great greenness - sometimes to be born, other times to be swallowed in her receding tide.


     I may say my 'hello' silently in my heart, but she hears me. If I say it in a normal speaking voice, she smiles back. When she is fierce and stormy, I can shout it out and know that she contains my fierceness.


     After we greet each other, she gives me gifts: shiny kelp bulbs with mermaid tendrils to wind around my ankles; small perfect shells to chalk a fingertip. And my favorite - foam that snakes up my bare legs like

iridescent gauze stockings. "You are gift enough," my mother tells me when I gesture my empty-handed fullness.


Forever by Clint Taylor

What is the concept of "forever"? How do we as humans interpret "forever"? In our conscious minds, I don't believe we can grasp it. We have to tune in to our heart to begin to understand and to know that we are forever, never ending, never beginning, we just ARE! What power this knowledge gives us! We have the power to correct our mistakes, to do so many things, to be so many different humans, to see the entire Universe
unfold before us. We ARE the Universe! We ALL experience forever, no exceptions. However, for some, maybe most of us, we have to transition to
light to truly know that we are forever.

What does being forever feel like? It's hard to describe - I've only had glimpses! Does it always feel good? I believe so - the Universe is good!   


Spring by Patsy Fine

They say "spring is in the air" when we see the sun shining, the birds singing, and the budding flowers dancing in the breeze.


But not today.


A storm was howling last night - the voice of Mother Earth crying out to her children. What is she saying that I cannot hear? I want to know what's new; She wants me to clear out the old stuff that is in the way of my blossoming.


I wanted to see the spectacular full moon last night, but the clouds,  like thick gauze, kept the light away. I feel trapped in a world that has gone out of control.  It seems the storms will go on forever.


Like the unseen moon, spring is here; I just can feel it - yet - Its presence eludes me as the storm breaks down all that cannot withstand its cutting wind and drenching rain. Hidden promises, waiting to be born in my imagination.


Spring, the promise of new life, will it ever arrive again?  

I know it will.


Just not today.


Mike Mason
Creative Invocations
   by Mike Mason 


Grace is poured upon your lips; therefore God has blessed you forever. 

-Psalm 45:2



Father, Mother God,

Thank You for Your Creations,

Whose origins are both perfect and purposeful.

Humanity is like the Quaking Aspens of Utah -

Durable, beautiful and dynamic,

Created by The One, The Truth, The Source

And connected through Common Roots.


Thanks to Your Care-taking -

Your unselfish and forgiving Love,

You have allowed Humanity to endure.

Continue to bless our efforts

As we strive to be as You intended, 

And to be like the Aspens - 

Bold, selfless and expansive,

And connected through Common Roots.



Prayer of Dedication  

     by Rev. Patsy


Father-Mother Creator who is everywhere  

as well as right here in our new spiritual home,


We call upon Your Sacred Presence to fill this space with Light and Love.


We summon your Guidance and Grace to create a safe and sacred space or all who come in search of wholeness. 


We evoke within us the Divine Wisdom of Sophia and  

the Divine Love of Christ so that the highest good  

may be established in our community through us.


Thank You for supplying the financial need to lease this lovely space. Out of your abundance we draw all that is needed to nurture and grow Sophia's Well of Wisdom.


And, we need Your help to build this spiritual community.  Inspire us to be ready to forgive ourselves and others when we make a mistake, take a wrong turn,

or step on someone's toes.


We strive to follow your Light, one step at a time. Keep us centered in the heart so that we may not be tempted by the ego to take a detour.  

But when we do, You will deliver us.

So be it!. 

Rita Mason
Healing HeARTS
   with Rita Mason, CMT

Rita is accepting appointments for holistic massage and bodywork at Sophia's Well of Wisdom.   


Trained in massage and holistic therapies at Fair Oaks Massage Institute, besides traditional  Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Rita's specialties are Acupressure, Reiki, and Craniosacral bodywork.   


Treatment services are held at the SWOW office, but Rita also provides chair massage on site for Corporate Wellness clients. 


Rita also has a heartfelt interest in Hospice work and has accepted the call to provide voluntary service in Amador County. 


Call Rita for an appointment at 916-837-7889 or email her at for more information.


Rev. Patsy Walker Fine, RMT, CMT, ACST

Contemplative Bodywork

Reiki Therapy ~ Caniosacral Work ~ Subtle Energy Therapy Holistic Massage & Bodywork


Spiritual Care Services  

Pastoral Care ~ Mentoring ~ Spiritual Healing ~ Prayer


Celebrant Services 

By Appointment: Call 209-418-9003 or email