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October 3, 2016
Determining How Firms Identify Acquisition Targets to Purchase as a Market Entry Strategy
Due to concerns about finding adequate workforce and related regulations, more foreign companies seeking to enter the US market are deciding to purchase an existing company rather than open up a new operation. Based on this phenomenon, Stanley Kennedy's capstone project for the MSED program developed a target selection screening process for a company entering a market in which it is not already located, geographical or otherwise. The objective of this report was to develop a strategy for finding acquisition targets for companies. His methodological approach involved using EMSI Developer to identify potential acquisition targets that met the acquiring companies needs and other sources to determine the likelihood that the company would be willing to be acquired.  This process should reduce the time needed for the investment decision.
Strengthening Economic Development Partnerships
USM developed the new University's Strategic Plan over a 12-month period with input from faculty, staff, alumni, and students and now the Academic Master Plan (AMP) is being developed to make academic affairs more efficient and to create strategies to successfully operate within the current financial climate.  The AMP is under development by the Academic Leadership Council (elected officers of each of the governing bodies: Academic Council, Graduate Council, Council of Chairs, Faculty Senate, Gulf Coast Faculty Council, Academic Deans, and the Provost's Office) and is currently seeking input.  The Strategic Planning Priorities (numbers 1-8 in the left column of the attached draft AMP) are strategies in the University's Strategic Plan. The next version will be distributed in early October.
4. Strengthen economic and community partnerships.
4a. Grow commercialization activities that move technological research initiatives from the laboratory to the business incubator and ultimately to new businesses in the marketplace.
4b. Utilize faculty and staff expertise effectively to form community partnerships.
4c. Promote strategic economic development that will attract businesses to the region and utilize academic research to bolster the local and state economy.
4d. Promote social capital development by creating and extending community partnerships focused on social, cultural and recreational engagement and opportunity; highlight the university's significant role in improving and enhancing quality of life in Mississippi and local communities.
4e. Leverage all partnerships to enrich student learning opportunities (internships, job shadowing, etc.)
Dr. Samuel Jones Wraps Up RISE UP Series
Dr. Samuel Jones served as a professional keynote speaker at the quarterly leadership series co-hosted by the Trent Lott National Center and the Area Development Partnership. The Second Annual Rise Up Professional Development Series featured leaders from the Pine Belt area and was well attended this year.
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