News from
 St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church 
Blue Hill ~ Maine
February 2, 2018    

         The Season of Lent comes quietly this year
- beginning with Ash Wednesday Services,  February 14

(Photo with thanks to Joe Lendvai)

"Quiet is a blessed gift. In this frantic world how we must cherish every moment of it, and carve it out for ourselves every chance we get."

-Anne Ortland

St. Francis By The Sea
(painting by Tim Thomas)

T he Calendar 

Worship Service
10 AM
5 PM Choir
All Church Gathering after Coffee Hour
February 4th
(see right)
Wednesday, Feb. 14

Two services will be offered at St. Francis
(Noon and 5 pm) 

We pray for
Edward Dufresne 
Brinley Hall
Dorine Harris
Jennifer Hulsey
Dorothy Noble 
Corinne Pert
Cal Peters
Chris Ramsay
John Remick
Diana Robson
Linda Slaven
Jane Story
Lauri Vainio
Galen Vainio

Those in the Armed Services   
Andy Ditmer
Kyle Carino Mings
Brian Haley
Sean Haley
Peter McGuyer

Those with February Birthdays

Pam Barry
Diana Brown
Cheryl M. Coffin
Mary Crawford
Jim Denny
Mary Catherine Dunn
Giffy Full
Alexander Heilner
Edward Shoemaker
Joe Thompson
Peter Young

We pray for the repose of the soul
of  Marcelle Coffin
and comfort for her family and friends.

About the photo at the heading of this newsletter-

Joe Lendvai 
has been the dedicated photographer to the St. Francis Fair for many years. 

By request,  Joe has sent eClare a series of photos to publish throughout this very special quiet Season of Lent.

More importantly, his work is inspired and a gift that often takes your breath away.

For those of you who are new-ish Joe is a much-admired professional photographer who lives in Brooklin with his wife, Sharon...the sister of  our own Peter Smith! 

Dear friends,
In recent months I have heard many of you say that you are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information (often conflicting) coming at you. The sheer volume of words is making our heads hurt and our spirits disquieted. 

When, for a number of reasons, our usual Lenten routines were not seeming to come together, I have to wonder if in fact it is not the Holy Spirit saying that we are all in need of some quiet time this Lenten season.

That said, I encourage you all to use the 40 days of Lent as a time to journey though a time of prayer and reflection. 


*There will be a number of links on our website which Rev. Claudia has suggested for reading, as well as a Book Club link to Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's Lenten Study

From Rev. Claudia-

"Have you ever wondered how help is coordinated when one of our members could use a bit of assistance? Whether it is with needs for driving to a doctor's appointment and shopping or the delivery of a home cooked meal after an illness or surgery, St Francis by the Sea has always tried to "be there" in times of crises.

The process of making all of that come together however, is itself in need of some attention if we are to be able to continue to minister to our members.  

On Sunday, February 4th,  I hope you will consider staying after coffee hour to take part in a meeting to discuss how best to reorganize this important  ministry of tending to the Parish Life of our congregation."
Congratulations, Camdyn Chung!

Camdyn, a sixth grade student at the Blue Hill Consolidated School, won the school Spelling Bee and is seen here competing at the Hancock County level!
Well done, Camdyn!!


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