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 St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church 
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August 29, 2017   

St Francis Stewardship Campaign

St. Francis Church
St. Francis By The Sea

T he Calendar 

10:00 AM
5 pm

Sunday, October 1
The Blessing of the Animals

Saturday, October 28
198th Annual Convention of the Diocese of Maine

We pray for
Denny Bacon
Connie Bridges
Robert Gallant
Blair Hansen
Dorene Harris
Jennifer Hulsey
Gretchen Lane
Susan Logan
Sonja Olson
Sidney Peck
Corinne Pert
Diana Robson
Linda Slaven
Peter Smith
Galen Vainio

Those in the Armed Services   
Andy Ditmer
Kyle Carino Mings
Brian Haley
Sean Haley
Peter McGuyer
Eric Partridge

Those with September Birthdays
Vesta Kowalski
Diana Bui
Steve Marek
John Farrar
Becky Carino
Julie Nicholson
Gail Williamson
Nathaniel Boechat
Linda Slaven
P.J. Curtis
Emma Brown
Sally Falck
Anne Cassatt
Richard Duffield
Denny Bacon
Linda Sturtevant

We Give Thanks
for the safe delivery of 
Harlan Ellis Smith
Grandson of The Rev. Claudia W. Smith on
Tues., August 29, 2017

Our Unsung Heroes!

Organized years ago by Peter Smith, this summer group of volunteers meets every other week for 2 or 3 hours to mow the lawns, trim the bushes, etc. 

And then the group heads to Marlintini's for lunch- where the fun really begins!

The 2017 group includes Brent Follweiler, Brinley Hall, Steve Hayward, John Higgins, Kevin Hunt, John Paul LaLonde, Bob Publicover, Ralph Topham, Tom Boardman, Giffy Full, Peter Smith, Simon Wesley,and  Coordinator, Page Williamson. The complete article and more photos are here:
St Francis by the Sea  (website)
 (The information and photos for this article were gathered by Terri Stephens Smith)
The Great...
(eClare will return in October!)

It was August, 1992-twenty five years ago-

 -that St. Francis by the Sea was dedicated and consecrated on the ground where it stands today.
Last Sunday, Stewardship Chair, Sarah Everdell, introduced a beautiful 2018 Stewardship Campaign theme called "Strength and Renewal" - a theme which Sarah feels is wonderfully meaningful in both the Episcopal Prayer Book and the church in which we worship. 

From Sarah:

"I read in the Ellsworth American a week ago that the Right Rev Edward Chalfant, then Bishop of Maine, dedicated and consecrated St. Francis by-the-Sea twenty-five years ago after the building had been moved from Penobscot.

So this seems an auspicious time to begin the Stewardship Drive for 2018.  We, today, are the inheritors of tremendous past generosity.  And because of this, it also seems appropriate that our theme this year is:

 "Strength and Renewal"

I do not know a kinder group of people than I have found at St. Francis.  For that reason alone, it is so important that we continue to thrive as a congregation.  Beyond this though, St. Francis' role in the community is hugely important, as it is in the lives of all of us."

We are a really healthy church -both financially and in growth of new, activly participating parishioners. Reports show that attendance at worship services (year-round) has continued to grow significantly.
Thank you, Rev. Claudia, for TEN YEARS of your dedicated leadership as we continue to expand our worship and collective ministries in meaningful ways.

Here are some highlights of the Annual Meeting:

-Kevin Hunt gave a wonderful financial report (totally unchallenged!)

-Sarah Everdell stepped up in the necessary absence of  Outreach Chair, Sue Grindle, to give a well- received overview of the many activities of Outreach. One highlight is the extraordinary gifting of forty-plus Window Dressers windows to H.O.M.E. which will be constructed under the strong leadership of Ray Yardy along with a large group of volunteers.  

-Four of our St Francis children had a really fun first-time camping experience at Camp Bishopswood!
They are:  Brighton Chung and Nora Schroeder, Taggart Chung, and James Corbin.


-And big round of applause was given to  Mary Hartley and Nancy Doane for the amazing success they engineered in leading the 2018 St. Frances Fair.
Changes, Additions, Recognitions...

The Vestry:

-Thank you to  Ralph Topham, for his dedicated service as he is rotating off the Vestry.

-Welcome to Ellie Neuhauser (seen left with Katie MacLeod ) who will serve a three-year term and also will step up to the role of Junior Warden.
Ellie and Katie seen at a recent Fall church clean-up

-Brent Follweiler will continue in his current term on the Vestry.

-Bob Publicover will renew a three year term and will continue as Sr Warden.

-Katie MacLeod was voted to a new three-year term.

-Delegates to Convention are Nancy Doane, Sue Grindle, and Judy Rountree with alternates Terri Stephens Smith and Bob Publicover.
  The Emily Award was graciously given to Carla Rosenzweig and Judy Rountree who both wish to express their thanks to St. Francis.

Carla has spent a lifetime teaching and working with children- from the time she was still a teenager at the age of eighteen. Patiently and quietly she was among the earliest Sunday School teachers at St Francis..and continues even now as a new altar cloth and a newly painted children's cross were created this past year. In addition, newcomers will be surprised to know that Carla had a long and effective art ministry working with prisoners incarcerated in Hancock County. The prisoners' art exhibit, seen by many St Francis parishioners, showed both pain and hope as Carla had worked tirelessly to help these men express their inner thoughts and look toward the future.

Judy came into St Francis Church as a life-time Methodist. She was brought first into the church by Ginny Thompson, into the Fair by Maren Rosborough and then into Communications by Emily Chaney.
When our rector realized we needed to join the digital age, Judy worked with Emily and the Communications Committee to create and develop eClare. Eight years later, it continues to evolve and remains a light  and widely read publication. Judy finds serving at the altar to be a gift; and her heart is in Outreach, finding ways to be effectively involved with the poorest in our community.
Some photos from the 2017 Annual Meeting and Picnic Lunch -with thanks as always to the supreme organization of Suzanne!




A beautiful newborn baby boy and his Dad!
Announcing the birth of:

Harlan Ellis Smith
-son of Joseph and Anya
Grandson of
The Rev. Claudia W. Smith

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