News from St. James' Episcopal Church, Austin
Ministry Highlight: Union of Black Episcopalians, Myra McDaniel Chapter
The Myra McDaniel Chapter of the Union of Black Episcopalians has been getting out into the greater community of Austin through voter registration efforts and One Human Race. Be a part of the movement, and join UBE on Sunday, February 16, as we commemorate the life of Absalom Jones, the first African American priest ordained in the Episcopal Church.
Dear People of St. James':
If I can help somebody
Rhona Williams London tells us about how going outside the doors of the church with voter registration led to new connections and relationships.
This Weekend
Sunday Morning Forum: Interpreting the Sermon on the Mount with Dietrich Bonhoeffer
9-10 am in Founders Hall
We conclude our Interpreting the Sermon on the Mount series with Dietrich Bonhoeffer's work on grace and discipleship, which sparked the imaginations of Leonardo Boff and Martin Luther King, Jr.
February 9, Newcomers Brunch following the 10:15 am Service
February 9, Novel Theology, after the 10:15 service
Save the Date
February 11, 7 pm: Black History Month Keynote at the Seminary of the Southwest
Sunday, February 16: Absalom Jones Commemoration
Sunday, February 23: Mardi Gras Service at 5:30 pm
February 25, 6-8 pm: Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner
February 26, Ash Wednesday
Services at 7:30 am and 7 pm, and Ashes for the Journey Stations
February 28-29: In Common
A gathering for those working on improving the determinants of health
Learn and Serve
Family Ministries Update: Spring and Summer Fun
Sunday Forum Schedule

Serve with Mobile Loaves and Fishes on February 15
Black History Month Events at SSW

For the St. James' Family
News from the St. James' Family
News from the Larger Community
Zikomo to those who welcomed Bishop Alinafe Kalemba
Learnings from the Rooted In Jesus Conference
Annual Parish Meeting Documents: Reports and Budget fun
A Generation Finding Unity
by Terry Dawson
Prayer List
PRAYERBOX: Prayer requests from the e-news and the website will be auto-forwarded to clergy, the pastoral care ministry lead and the office. To add a name to the prayer list, email

We pray for (3 weeks list): David Saling, Eckhardt and Winstel families, Brooke Robb, Bobby and Abby Fleiss.

We also pray for those with long-term needs Doug Lawrie, Jane Knox, Tara Turner, Norma, Norma Biering, Lucinda Holzer, Frances and Sumner Patch,Lillian Eppright, Gertrude Fowler, Claudette Milne, Frankie Scott, Nina Toland, Mark McCrary, K é si Anderson, Rev. James Palmore, Cleo B. Jason A, Reed B, Angelina, Mike C., Shelia, Yvonne King, Lisa, Gene Kruse, Jewell Gunn, Diane Hoffman, Justin N, Brian M,Joyce, Ganelle, Noah,Thor, Troy, Allissa, Janice R,Charlene Moore, Eugenia Hayes,Tim and Shalmah, Pablo, Beverly, Carol Daughtry, Rachel and Daniel, Rebekah, Diane Neill, Wayne Maner, Sandra Little, Cecile, Mildred Grimble, Margie Lawson, Melvin Alfred, Amy and Chad Carroll, Natrice Harding, Paul Pleasant and his family, John and his family, Anne Osbourne, Lucinda, Antonia Brunelle Nusser, Joffrey Harris, Pablo Machado, Richelle Easley, Shirley Gordon, Julius Gordon, Rosey Watley, Jeffrey McGuire, Johann Williams, Patricia Harding, Patrick Simmonds, Maria and her extended family, Daniel and his family, Susan Moore, Evelyn Taylor, Tony, Brenda Lumsden, Jerry, Dick Peterson, Ricky, Brandon Williams, Joey Ramirez, Esperanza Herrera, Frank, James, Paul, Marvin Sykes, Max and his mother, Paul Gill, Mary Graf, Samuel Kraemer-Dahlin, Jacquelyn Ferrell Mccadden, Ursula Ferrell Jackson, Simone Monique Barnes, Pinky Cotton, Anne Sapp, Joan Khabele, Lazaro Ortega, Dave, Virlin Blue, Susan B. Peters, Arlene, Marvin, Christina, Ronnie Yarmuck, Bertha Malone, Samah Al Adawi, Bill and Peggy Clark, Earl and Hazel Livingston, Arthur Shelton, Sammie Eppright, Dorothy Orebo, Caren Bradshaw; and for all who are incarcerated and for their families, and all the refugees throughout the world. God of hope, comfort and restore all who suffer in body, mind or spirit.
We pray for all who have died including Mia Eckhardt and Jack Winslet.