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St. Luke's Episcopal Church 
1206 Maple Lane, Anchorage, KY 40223
January 24, 2019
Hot Breakfast
Breakfast this coming Sunday, January 27, will be provided by guest chefs, Joshua & Jenni Anderson.  
Please plan on joining everyone in Board Hall between 8:30am and 9:45 where you will not only enjoy great food but a time for fellowship.   
The Future of Faith study 
On Sunday mornings, at 9:00am in Board Hall, we have started a new course of study called The Future of Faith.  It covers a wide range of interconnected topics vital to our Christian mission, our everyday lives, and our world. For instance, what does it mean to be a Christian in the 21st Century?  With advances in technology like artificial intelligence, cybernetics, nanotechnology, and gene editing, how might the meaning of being human change?  What are the theological implications of these developments?  And underneath the technology, what is the relationship between science and religion itself? Are they mutually exclusive realms of thought, competitors, potential collaborators?   
We'll look at the classics, like Genesis 1 vs. the Big Bang Theory & Evolution. What of our mission field, in which over the past 4 generations, each subsequent one is half as likely to participate in a faith community than the one that went before it?  Why has this happened, and how does the Church address the needs or arouse the curiosity of the "spiritual but not religious"?  
These are my questions.  What are yours?
Wednesday Bible Study 
On Wednesday, January 23rd, our weekly Bible study will start a new book, Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians.   
The Christians in Corinth struggled with many of the same issues that we wrestle with today, as a Church in the world.  We usually review one chapter per week, starting at 9:45 and ending around 11:00am.   
Led by Father Michael, these are audio recorded, so if you miss sessions, or can't come at all, the material's still on our website.

2019 Contribution Envelopes
are available at both main entrances to the church.  
Please be sure to sign your name (legibly) AND the envelope box number on the sheets provided. If you don't, we have no way of identifying your cash donations.  
If the container runs out of boxed envelopes, we will refill but check at the other entrance for more.  
Thank you!

An Invitation from the Brothers 
On Saturday, February 2, everyone is invited to join St. Like's Brotherhood of St. Andrew's (BOSA's) men in a presentation by Dr. Charles Webb on "Cancer in Men." Come for breakfast with the Brotherhood at 8:30AM, followed by Dr. Webb's presentation at 9:00AM, both in Board Hall, on the west side of the church. There's no denying the challenges facing us all with our health today. Please join Dr. Webb as he speaks of ways to be aware of changes in our bodies, and courses of treatment for Cancer in Men.
You do not have to be a member of St. Luke's to attend on February 2. Bring your friends and family. Ladies, of course, are welcome. Please help us by RSVPing for breakfast to Dawn at our church office, 245-8827, by January 31st so that we can prepare for the appropriate number of people. Thank you.
Youth Group Party
There will be a party on Sunday, January 27 at 6pm at Anchorage Presbyterian Church for both teens AND parents. There will be food, games, and discussions of future plans and events. Plan to attend!
St. Luke's Annual Silver Tea Event 
St. Luke's Annual Silver Tea will be Sunday, February 17, in Board Hall following the 10:00am service.   St. Luke's has hosted the Silver Tea for over 45 years. Donations support Home of the Innocents which provides shelter and care for children who are without support when their families are in trouble. A representative for the Home will speak at the Tea.
This year's Tea reception will feature tea, coffee, wine, etc. and finger foods. Anyone who can donate, please bring finger foods to Board Hall. If you need child care, please contact the church office in advance and we will gladly provide it. Come enjoy the fellowship and participate in outreach.
In 2011, St. Luke's received the Childfriend of the Year award from Home of the Innocents for all the support we have given them over these many years. Let's generously support the Home again this year!

St. Luke's Silver Tea Committee: Caroline Eddleman, Jamiee Goodman, Dot Hood, Ann Phillips, Calvin Riley Pinney, Nancy Rath and Brenda Stettenbenz
Please mark your calendars for our 6 th concert season 2018-2019
These events will begin at 5:00 pm:
January 27 - Dylon Crain, vocal recital 
February 17 - YPAS Chamber Choir, with Choral Evensong  
March 31 - Glenna Metcalf, organist, with Lenten Meditations and Carols sung by the choir
Vestry Person of the Day for January 27

Joshua Anderson

The Vestry Person on Duty (VPOD) is responsible for assisting the Rector with welcoming newcomers and closing the church after worship has been conducted.

January 2019 Calendar     
Jan 24 at 6pm : Reflections rehearsal (church)
Jan 26 at 5:30 pm : Holy Eucharist Rite II service
Jan 27 at 8am : Holy Eucharist Rite I service
at 8:45am : Weekly Breakfast (Board Hall)
at 9:10am : Adult & Children's Sunday School
at 10am : Holy Eucharist Rite II service
Jan 28 at 4:30pm : Community Youth Service Band (Board Hall)
Jan 29 at 4:30pm : Community Youth Service Band (Board Hall)
Jan 30 at 9:45am : Wednesday morning bible study (Board Hall)
at 7:15pm : Adult (Chancel) Choir Rehearsal (church)
Jan 31 at 6pm : Reflections rehearsal (church)
Feb 2 at 8:30am : Brotherhood of St. Andrew meeting
at 9am : Presentation : "Cancer in Men" 
at 5:30 pm : Holy Eucharist Rite II service
Contact Information
St. Luke's Office : Hours : Mon.-Thur. 9AM - 3PM & Fri. 9AM - 1PM
502-245-8827 //