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NEW ZEALAND LITURGY BEGINS at the 5:30 service
October 13

October 15 : 6pm

October 16 : 6pm

October 16 : 6pm

October 21 : 5pm

October 23 : 6pm

October 28 : 5pm

October 30 : 6pm

October 31

November 1

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St. Luke's Episcopal Church 
1206 Maple Lane, Anchorage, KY 40223
October 11, 2018
Hot Breakfast
Breakfast this coming Sunday, October 14, will be provided by guest chefs, Joshua & Jenni Anderson. 
Please plan on joining everyone in Board Hall between 8:30am and 9:45 where you will not only enjoy great food but a time for fellowship.   
Group of pupils go to school together. Students talking in front of building schoolhouse. Welcome Back to school concept. Schoolboys and schoolgirls came to learn. The first day at school  
On Sunday, October 14 th, after our 10:00 Eucharist, we welcome Christina Poole from the City Schoolhouse.  She will be offering a brief presentation about their work in Board Hall.  This is one among many organizations which received furniture, toys, and other supplies from our preschool.  City School works to strengthen children and families by empowering them through active and individualized education, fostering a love of learning and renewing their community through its people.  They are a small school in Louisville Portland neighborhood.  Parents pay what they can for tuition to insure affordable, excellent education close to home.
Children's Choir 
Our Music Director is excited to announce that she's forming a new choir for boys and girls ages 7 and up (unchanged voices).   
We'll choose the rehearsal time that works best for everyone, tentatively Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 pm.  Hopefully this choir can sing at the 4:30 pm service on Christmas Eve!  Choir is fun!  
Please contact Lisa Lewis at 593-8417 or email
.  Let your neighbors and friends know.   
You don't have to be a member of St. Luke's to participate in the choir.   
Donations for Fall Festival 
St. Luke's youth is teaming up with Anchorage Pres. Youth to work a pumpkin painting booth for kids of the community at the Uspiritus Fall Festival on Sunday Oct. 21st from 12-5 PM.   
We are asking the congregation to donate small pumpkins or money to purchase supplies. Deadline for donations is October 18.  
Our new Bible study on Sunday mornings
at 9:00am will be on Paul's Second Letter to Timothy
This is a beautiful, pastoral letter written while St. Paul was a prisoner in Rome awaiting trial and, eventually, martyrdom.  He wrote to his most faithful companion, Timothy, offering guidance on how to lead a holy life and on how to invite and lead others to do the same.   There's so much practical advice in II Timothy for walking in the Way of Jesus.  It's a relatively short book of the Bible, which will take 4 or 5 weeks to complete, led by Fr. Michael. 
St. Luke's Book Club 
YOU ARE INVITED to St Luke's Book Club on October 16 at 6:00.
MEETING INFO: Lyman House, October 16, THIRD (3rd) Tuesday monthly at 6:00 PM for 2+- hours of rousing conversations and introductions to books of almost every genre. At the end of each meeting, we discuss books for the next month's selection, so bring your suggestions with you.

St. Luke's Services
On the weekend of October 20th and 21st, we will celebrate our patron and namesake, St. Luke, during worship.   
This is a special time for us as a parish. 

Centering Prayer 
Please join us for Centering Prayer on
October 23, at 6pm in the church.  
We meet every fourth Tuesday of the month.
The Blessing of Hands for our Lay Pastoral Care Team and for all of our parishioners engaged in healing work, both professionally and on a volunteer basis will be held on October 27th and 28th.  We want to honor those who lift others up with their time, gifts, and energy.  To be present with someone seeking physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual wholeness is a very powerful ministry - something to be celebrated by us all.

Following the Lay Pastoral Care Ministry moment
at the beginning of the year, six parishioners have answered the call to serve.  
They are: Brench Boden, Bud Currens, Geoffrey Durham-Smith, Diane Rojan, Barbara Webb, and Joe Willis. We welcome these ministers.
Please mark your calendars for our 6 th concert season 2018-2019
These events will begin at 5:00 pm:
October 28 - Alice Culin-Ellison, baroque violin, Lisa Lewis, organ, with Choral Evensong
February 17 - John Cantrell, organist, with Choral Evensong  
March 31 - Glenna Metcalf, organist, with Lenten Meditations and Carols sung by the choir
All Saints Day 
At each service the weekend of Nov. 3 & 4, we will be celebrating All Saints Day.  If you would like the name of a departed loved one read aloud during worship, please print their name legibly on the registers located in both Narthexes. 

Please add your own name, in case we need to contact you about pronunciation. The last day to add names is October 27, 2018.

On All Saints' weekend, November 3rd and 4th, we will use incense during our 10:00 Eucharist.  The presence of incense symbolizes our prayers rising up to God and has a long history as part of the Church's worship.  However, we're aware that incense can present challenges for some of our members, and to minimize its impact, we've implemented a new policy for its use.  First, we hope this advance notice will encourage parishioners to prepare beforehand - and have on hand - whatever respiratory medication might be required.  Second, we are going to drastically reduce the amount of incense we use.  There will still be aroma but very little smoke.  We use hypo-allergenic incense - which is a hardened tree resin.  The igniter is a charcoal briquette similar to what you'd use at a cookout.  The incense will be prepared and will remain outside until the moment the procession starts, reducing buildup in the Church immediately prior to worship.  If incense causes you distress - or if you simply don't like it - the best place to sit is near one of the outer walls, not on the aisle.  There will also be less incense in the very middle of the Church, and more of it in the very back and up front.  We hope that our new policy and this information will help us use incense in a safe, responsible way.  If you have any questions, please contact the church office. 

On Saturday, November 3rd, at 3:30pm in Board Hall, we offer an experience of meditative prayer that may be new to many of you: walking the labyrinth.  If you're curious about what this is, simply Google Chartres Cathedral.  It's not a maze, but a pathway leading to a center section and back out again, which symbolizes our life and the journey of faith we share toward the mystery of the Heart of God.  More detailed information will be available soon.  This will be led by Robert Bozeman. 

Upcoming Special Saturday Services by Reflections  
  • Taize Service : November 10 : We will be offering our last Taize service of 2018. Join us for a service of prayer, simple music melodies, meditation and beautiful liturgy. Communion is part of this liturgy.

  • December 15 : Presenting a meaningful liturgy of scripture readings, music and prayers that set the mood for Advent and Christmas seasons. Special guest musicians will be part of this service.

  • Monday, December 24 at 6:30pm : Presenting our annual Celtic Christmas celebration service, with songs, prayers and meaningful Christmas liturgy, as well as special guest musicians.
LAY PASTORAL CARE MINISTRY - Pastoral care is a ministry provided by volunteer parishioners to individuals needing home, hospital, nursing home or rehabilitation facility visitations.
Arrangements can be made for communion and meals as requested.
All information is confidential unless you give permission to share with others.

Reminder, if you do go to the hospital, let the hospital know your church affiliation or try to have your caregiver do so.
Our ministry is here for you in time of need so remember to call the church office at 245-8827 or e-mail at

Vestry Person of the Day for October 14

Joshua Anderson

The Vestry Person on Duty (VPOD) is responsible for assisting the Rector with welcoming newcomers and closing the church after worship has been conducted.

October 2018 Calendar  
Oct. 11 at 6pm : Reflections rehearsal (church)
Oct. 13 at 5:30 pm : Holy Eucharist Rite II service
*New Zealand liturgy begins*
Oct. 14 at 8am : Holy Eucharist Rite I service
at 8:30am : Weekly Breakfast (Board Hall)
at 9:10am : Sunday School for all ages
at 10am : Holy Eucharist Rite II service
Oct. 15 at 4:30pm : Community Youth Band (Board Hall)
at 6pm : Vestry meeting (Lyman House)
Oct. 16 at 6pm : St. Luke's Book Club (Lyman House)
at 6pm : Community Meeting (church campus)
Oct. 17 at 9:45am : Wednesday morning bible study (Board Hall)
at 6pm : Wednesday evening Eucharist service
Oct. 18 at 6pm : Reflections rehearsal (church)
Oct. 19 at 3pm : Private Party (until 9pm)
Oct. 201 at 5:30 pm : Holy Eucharist Rite II service
Oct. 21 at 8am : Holy Eucharist Rite I service
at 8:30am : Weekly Breakfast (Board Hall)
at 9:10am : Sunday School for all ages
at 10am : Holy Eucharist Rite II service
at 5pm : Cub Scout Pack 274 (Board Hall)
Oct. 22 at 4:30pm : Community Youth Band (Board Hall)
Oct. 23 at 6pm : Centering Prayer (church)
Oct. 24 at 9:45am : Wednesday morning bible study (Board Hall)
at 6pm : Wednesday evening Eucharist service
Oct. 25 at 6pm : Reflections rehearsal (church)
Oct. 27 at 5:30 pm : Holy Eucharist Rite II service
Oct. 28 at 8am : Holy Eucharist Rite I service
at 8:30am : Weekly Breakfast (Board Hall)
at 9:10am : Sunday School for all ages
at 10am : Holy Eucharist Rite II service
at 5pm : Recital and Choral Evensong
Oct. 29 at 4:30pm : Community Youth Band (Board Hall)
Oct. 30 at 6pm : Community Meeting (church campus)
Oct. 31 : Halloween
at 9:45am : Wednesday morning bible study (Board Hall)
at 6pm : Wednesday evening Eucharist service
Nov. 1 : All Saints' Day
at 6pm : Reflections rehearsal (church)
Nov. 3 : at 8:30 am : Brotherhood of St. Andrew meeting (Board Hall)
at 5:30 pm : Holy Eucharist Rite II * All Souls' Day Service*
at 8am : Holy Eucharist Rite I *All Souls' Day Service*
at 8:30am : Weekly Breakfast (Board Hall)
at 9:10am : Sunday School for all ages
at 10am : Holy Eucharist Rite II service
Contact Information
St. Luke's Office : Hours : Mon.-Thur. 9AM - 3PM & Fri. 9AM - 1PM
502-245-8827 //