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Septuagesima, and Burying the Alleluias
Dear St. Mary’s Family,

Despite the disruptiveness of the pandemic, life continues. We continue to prepare meals, say our prayers, walk the dog, etc. And although we at St. Mary’s have been known to refer to this extended time of awful plague as “Coronatide,” the church calendar continues – day after day, week after week, season after season.

        Lent is almost here! It begins on Ash Wednesday in just three-and-a-half weeks. But from the time of Gregory the Great in the sixth century until the 1970’s, the Western Church observed a short, three-and-a-half-week liturgical season of preparation for Lent called Septuagesima.

        Septuagesima Sunday is this coming Sunday. The word Septuagesima is Latin for “seventieth”, but the reason both the Sunday and the season are so named is disputed among historians. This season, also called Gesimatide, was to help us ease into Lent, in the same way that a marathon runner would begin to train with shorter
distances. Liturgically speaking, things are more somber. It looks and feels like Lent in that the clergy wear purple vestments, the Gloria in excelsis is generally not sung at Mass, and the alleluias are suppressed. While there were originally fasting requirements, they fell into disuse over the centuries with fasting now beginning on Ash Wednesday.

        One rather obscure tradition that has enjoyed a recent revival in the Church is the depositio, or burying of the alleluias. It is typically done sometime on the Saturday afternoon before Septuagesima Sunday, but we are observing it just before both Masses this weekend. A placard with the inscription “Alleluia” will be processed to the nave altar which is placed in front of the pulpit, where it will be “buried” under the altar cloth. We will sing the 11th century hymn Alleluia dulce carmen (Alleluia, song of sweetness) set to a familiar hymntune, and will set aside this joyful acclamation – alleluia means “praise the Lord!” – to give a sense of restraint. The alleluia will remain “buried” until we sing it again at Easter.

The depositio of the alleluia on the eve of Septuagesima assumed in medieval times a solemn and emotional note of saying farewell to the beloved song. Despite the fact that Pope Alexander II had ordered a very simple and somber way of “deposing” the Alleluia, a variety of farewell customs prevailed in many countries up to the sixteenth century. They were inspired by the sentiment which Bishop William Duranti (1296) voiced in his commentaries on the Divine Office: “We part from the Alleluia as from a beloved friend, whom we embrace many times and kiss on mouth, head and hand, before we leave him.”[1]

        Join us via livestream or in-person as we part from our beloved friend this Sunday! 
Fr. Charles

[1] Francis Weiser, Handbook of Christian Feasts and Customs, Harcourt, New York, 1958.

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