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January 9, 2013


We're well into the new year, one full week old already. So, have we kept up with our resolutions?   Have we made that extra effort to eat better and not sneak a peek in the frig around 9 pm for a snack? Are we taking that brisk walk after supper to work off our meal and help our digestive system do its thing? How about reading that book we always desired to finish...what's keeping us from opening it up and finishing it? Of course, my dear friends, as I share these thoughts with you, I remind myself I'm just as accountable as anyone else and I, too, must follow through. I'm doing my best and I pray that all of us do our best to make this year better, healthier, safer and brighter.  


What about our relationship with the Lord? Have we made a commitment to strengthen and reinforce our lives in accordance to what our faith and the Church asks of us? Are we taking time to pray during the day? Are we sharing our faith with those who need spiritual aid and care?   And what about our St. Nicholas Church; are we doing what we can to help make this a better, stronger and healthier spiritual home? We have opportunities galore for each and every one of us to be involved and engaged in the ministry and life of this community of faith.


God has planted a seed in our hearts and God wants us to grow strong, bright and beautiful. It is a sad thing to hide our talents and gifts and not share our attributes with one another.   So, here is the place and now is the time for all of us to become more involved, engaged and a greater part of St. Nicholas Church. Let's make 2013 the year we all find our permanent place in this community of faith that lets our true colors show, our talents put to good use and our voices lifted in prayer, song and worship.


January will be a packed month of parish life and activities at St. Nicholas. Because we have so much going on, I plan on running this portion of the weekly reflection for the next few weeks. Granted, this may not be my typical approach to reflection sharing, but again, we have so much going on this month and into early February, keeping everyone abreast of the entire goings on at St. Nicholas requires a different approach. So, without further ado...


This Sunday, January 13th after the 10 am Liturgy, the Liturgy Team will be meeting in the Vesting Room, next to the office.   We will review the Advent and Christmas season and begin some planning on the upcoming Lenten Season. We ask those who have been on the Liturgy Team in the past to come and those interested in being part of this committee to come and share. All are welcome.


Sunday, January 20th after the 10 am Liturgy, the Children's Formation will resume in the Vesting Room. Val Gruenwald will meet with our young people and lead them in conversation and activities that involve the scripture lessons for the day and on a joyful journey of faith. We would certainly welcome additional assistance in this ministry. If there is another community member, or maybe more, interested and willing to share their faith and time in this worthwhile ministry, we would warmly welcome YOU!  


Also, on January 20th we will begin our Bible Study Program. We will meet in the Noah's Ark Space. All are warmly welcomed and encouraged to join in the conversation. Connie Nicholson is spearheading this effort. We're excited and anxious to see where our conversations will take us. Bring your coffee, cookies and an open mind and heart!


January 23rd, we will be meeting Bishop and Trustees at St. Nicholas for our quarterly report. Typically, meetings of this sort have important matters to discuss. Such will be the case at this meeting.   Your prayers and support are requested. There are many good things happening at St. Nicholas and we all want that momentum to keep us moving forward. This is what B. & T. is also wishing for us. Together, working as one, we will attain our goals as we go about our duties of building the Kingdom of God here on earth as we rebuild and recreate St. Nicholas.


January 27th, our Annual Parish Meeting and Pot Luck Luncheon is scheduled. We eagerly and warmly encourage and invite the entire parish family to come and be part of this vital parish activity. We will meet immediately after the 10 am Liturgy. Bring a dish to share; salads, soups, deli trays and such are fine. I promise to keep the meeting 'on point' and not go too terribly long.


Feb. 9th, our 3rd Annual St. Nicholas Chili Supper. What a great time we have getting this event up and running, not to mention the great chili and prizes available! Lots of help needed for this event to be successful. This is a great "fun-raiser," for all of us, with laughs, lively conversation and some pretty good darn chili, too. We could use help soliciting gifts for the door prizes and raffles. And of course, mark your calendar for the 9th of February; bring friends and family, too. There's always room for more at our table!




In This Issue
Memories of Christmas Eve - A Video
Liturgy Team to Meet - All Are Welcome
Community of St. Nicholas Bible Study
January 27, 2013 Annual Parish Meeting and Election of Bishop Committee Members
Moments of Sentiment
Prayer Requests
Shout Outs
Readings for This Weekend's Services
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Saturdays - 4:30 pm
Sundays - 10:00 am 

Wednesdays - 6:00 pm


Food Pantry 

January 16 & 23 

4:30 - 6:30 pm


Children Gather at Sharing Table 

Sundays, January 13 & 27
During 10 am Worship Service


Executive Committee Meeting 

Wednesday, January 9
6:30 pm


Bishop's Committee Meeting 

Sunday, January 13
8:15 - 9:45 am


Liturgy Team Meeting 

Sunday, January 13
Following 10 am Worship Service


Book Discussion - Moloka'i by Alan Brennert 

Saturday, January 19
9:30 am - Panera's 

90 Biesterfield Road, EGV


Healing Weekend & Varied Voices Weekend  

Saturday, January 19, 4:30 pm
Sunday, January 20, 10:00 am 

Fran Begonja, Preacher


Noah's Ark Area - Children / Youth Formation 

Sunday, January 20
Following 10 am Worship Service


Exec. Comm. Meeting with
Bishop & Trustees and Congregation Comm. Representatives 

Wednesday, January 23, 6:45 pm


St. Nicholas Annual Meeting & Potluck 

Sunday, January 27, 2013 

Following 10 am Worship Service

Memories of Christmas Eve
We've produced this video of pictures from Christmas Eve, featuring one of the musical selections sung by the St. Nicholas Choir.  Our thanks to David Gibbs for his lovely photographs! Click below to play video.

Memories of Christmas Eve 2012 at St. Nicholas Episcopal Church
Memories of Christmas Eve 2012 at St. Nicholas Episcopal Church

Liturgy Team Meeting Sunday, January 13
Anyone interested in liturgy at St. Nicholas is invited to join us for a meeting following the 10 am liturgy on Sunday, January 13.

All are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Community of St. Nicholas Bible Study

Sunday, January 21st, we begin our Community of St. Nicholas Bible Study.  All are welcome to come, listen and share what the Bible means to us.  Connie Nicholson is working diligently at creating a program that is to please, stir our imagination and provoke new thoughts and view of Sacred Scripture.  A sign up sheet is available at the Welcoming Table for those who plan on attending.  All are welcome...bring your coffee, cookies, an open mind and a willing heart.

January 27, 2013 - Annual Parish Meeting and Election of Bishop Committee Members
Each year, all parishes and missions in Episcopal Dioceses across the country are required to conduct an Annual Parish Meeting.  We at St. Nicholas certainly are not exempt from this.  As a community, we rather enjoy gathering, especially when food is part of the equation!

On January 27, 2013, we will conduct our Annual Parish Meeting, immediately after the Sunday, 10 am Liturgy.  The  meeting will also include a Pot Luck Luncheon. 

We will certainly do our best to keep the length of the meeting to a limit, though we do have important material to discuss.  In particular: the election of new members to the Bishop's Committee of St. Nicholas. 

If you have a desire and willingness to serve on this august committee, we welcome you to submit your name for nomination and election.  You may submit your name to Pat Kalicki, Steve Raftery and Manny, via an email or phone call.  Candidates must be at least the age of 18 and be willing to share ideas, views and opinions in a constructive and optimistic manner.  And, not be too overwhelmed with our 8:15 am every second Sunday of the month meeting time!  This is a wonderful way to become better involved in the life and future of St. Nicholas.  So, think about it, pray over it and consider being part of the St. Nicholas Bishop's Committee.
God bless us all.
Moments of Sentiment
Rodriguez Dance Theatre   
The Rodriguez Dance Theatre, directed by our own Lisette Rodriguez, will be performing on Saturday, January 26th, 2013, at the Forrest View Educational Center located at 2121 S. Goebbert Road in Arlington Heights. 

Performance times are 2:30 pm (Matinee) and 7:30 pm.  Tickets prices are as follows:

For the Matinee; $15.00, $10.00 for Gold Card Members and High School Students.  Free admission to children 7 and under.  For the 7:30 pm performance: $25.00 which includes Reception and Art Exhibit. 

Invite family and friends for splendor and tasteful delights.

Prayer Requests

Repose of the soul of George Krock, 94 years young, father of our Barb Bosslet.  Pray God welcome George to his heavenly reward and grant peace and strength to all who mourn and grieve.

All our community members who are sick with the flu or a winter cold: that full and complete strength return.

Margaret and Tim, mother and brother to Harry, a member of the Support Group:  Margaret died on Dec. 22nd and Tim died Dec. 23rd.  Pray their souls have been welcomed to the Eternal Reward in Paradise and pray for Harry and his family who grieve and mourn their losses. 

Ken, the brother of our Mary Beth Jarvis who suffered a stroke on Christmas Eve.  Ken is currently in critical condition, having lost sight in his left eye and motion on his left side.  Pray for Ken, his recovery and his well being and pray for his family and friends for strength and support.

For members, their families and friends who are currently ill with colds, the flu and other ailments.

Bishop James Allan, our Nancy Allan's relation: he has taken a turn for the worse and his health is in rapid decline; pray for his peace and comfort and strength and acceptance for his family. 


Shirley Martinez, a friend of our Scott Cummings: she is battling cancer; pray for her health and well being.   


Linda Buzard, choral director of St. John the Divine in Urbana and a friend of Bob DeHaven, is battling breast cancer: pray for full recovery and sound health.


Richard Nordberg, Penny Mandziara's father who is in hospice: for his health, well being and God's mercy be with Richard.


Bernie, the youngest son of our Eunice Dohra has finally returned home!  Yet, his condition remains serious.

Peter Barlow, son of Bill and Kathy Barlow: for his safety and the safety of all our military men and women overseas.


Marcia Kizior, sister of Bob DeHaven, who is in poor health.


Pamela Joy DeHaven, in thanksgiving for recovery and continued remission.   


Hope Smith, whose cancer has reappeared: for strength, peace and guidance.


Ethel (Corkey) Stratton, the mother of Hal Stratton


Eunice Dohra


Richard and Mary Gans

Carrie Loos


For those in transition: those searching for work, those who are moving and those encountering changes in life.


Shout Outs

canterbury cross Our thanks to:

All who stayed and helped take down our beautiful Christmas Angel Tree and all the other decorations.  All has been lovingly and carefully packed away until next year.

The Support Groups which contributed and shared with us the Christmas Eve Liturgies.

All who sacrificed and shared of their finances this holiday season to help build our community of St. Nicholas.

Ginny and David Gibbs, Bob DeHaven and Douglas VanHouten for the recording and downloading the beautiful Christmas Eve Liturgy music to disc and on Facebook.  Let the world know that St. Nicholas does make a mighty and beautiful noise unto the Lord!

Readings for This Weekend's Liturgies

Baptismal Font at St. Nicholas  
Click here for the readings appointed for Saturday, January 12 / Sunday, January 13  


The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord


Isaiah 43:1-7
Psalm 29
Acts 8:14-17
Luke 3:15-17, 21-22 


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