September 2019
Meetings and Events
Our work is often thought-of as being restricted to the clinic, operating theater or the lab, but in fact, we spend a significant amount of our time as neurosurgeons lecturing, teaching, and sometimes traveling elsewhere to network with experts in our field. These experiences are a fundamental part of how we interact with our communities, and I am grateful to be at a place like Stanford that values and emphasizes the need for us to set aside time to participate in these events. 
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Shocking the Brain to Treat the Stomach
A new  clinical trial  led by  Dr. Casey Halpern , will zap the brain’s reward center to help people who struggle with obesity and binge eating.
One Bicycle Crash and Six Years of Recovery
Just days after arriving in the Bay Area Anthony Macchio-Young underwent emergency neurosurgery at Stanford for a severe traumatic brain injury. Neurosurgeon Dr. Odette Harris was on call that night and saved Macchio-Young's life.
New AI Tool to Help Detect Brain Aneurysms
A team of Stanford researchers, including neurosurgeon  Dr. Thomas J. Wilson , improved their diagnoses of brain aneurysms with the help of an artificial intelligence algorithm developed at Stanford. 
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Concussion Researchers Publish Groundbreaking Manuscript
A national team of researchers, including Neurosurgeon  Dr. Jamshid Ghajar , have for the first time provided evidence-based  guidelines  for concussion classification. 
How Does Radiation in Space Affect the Brain?
A Q&A with professor of neurosurgery and neurosciences  Ivan Soltesz , PhD, discusses Soltesz' new  study  investigating how chronic, space-like irradiation impacts the brain function of mice. 
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David Silva, Treated for a Craniopharyngioma
David Silva was diagnosed with a craniopharyngioma brain tumor when he was just 22 years old. Over the course of a decade Silva endured five brain surgeries at multiple hospitals, but the procedures were all unsuccessful and the tumor persisted. Silva was ready to give up hope, but then he heard about a neurosurgeon with unique expertise at Stanford.
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We're Ranked in the Top 10!
U.S. News & World Report recently ranked Stanford's Neurology & Neurosurgery Program in the top 10 nationwide. Stanford Hospital once again earned a top spot on this year's U.S. News Honor Roll, and for the 15th consecutive year Lucile Packard Children's Hospital was ranked a top pediatric hospital in the nation. We're proud that our faculty and staff's expertise and focus on patient outcomes and satisfaction is being recognized in this way.
November 16, 2019
A Stanford International Medical Services-sponsored Symposium in Hong Kong.
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