Fall 2018
Diversity Matters
I recently gave a talk about my career to a group of young aspiring neurosurgeons. The issue that most resonated with the audience was my discussion about diversity within our field. It seems more important now then ever to continue to push for further inclusivity and to emphasize the need for a more diverse population of researchers and clinicians.

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HBO's Documentary Series "VICE" Features Stanford Neurosurgeons
A recent HBO Vice episode titled "The Future of Brain Hacking," featured the work of Stanford neurosurgeons,  Dr. Jaimie Henderson  and  Dr. Casey Halpern , highlighting the latest in neurotechnology research.
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Stanford Neurosciences Institute's New Series Highlights Faculty Researchers
A new Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute Series, #BrainsBehindTheInstitute, highlights the stories and experiences that inspire faculty researchers, including Department of Neurosurgery's   Drs. Melanie Hayden Gephart , Marion Buckwalter , and Thomas Sudhof .
Stanford Launches New Medical Record Review Option for Non-Stanford Patients
Not a Stanford patient, but want our neurosurgeons to review your records and provide a recommendation? Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children's Health are now offering a new service for eligible individuals who have recently received a diagnosis requiring neurosurgery, but want to consider their options.
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New Stanford Surgical Neuroanatomy, Fiber Tractography and Virtual Reality Research Center
Our new Research Center's goal is to improve surgical techniques and outcomes through mastery of surgical neuroanatomy, focusing on enhancing understanding of endoscopic skull base anatomy, microsurgical neuroanatomy, white matter dissection and imaging, and virtual reality for surgical planning.
National Science Foundation Awards Stanford NeuroTech Research Funding
The National Science Foundation has awarded Stanford Professor of Neurosurgery,  E.J. Chilchilnisky, PhD , funding to support training of future generations of scientists in NeuroTech.
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New Neurosurgeon Joins SCVMC Outreach Team
We're excited to welcome neurosurgeon, Dr. Tene A. Cage , to our Santa Clara Valley Medical Center team! A Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Dr. Cage treats a broad range of conditions, specializing in neurotrauma. Her research interest is in working towards eliminating health disparities in neurosurgical outcomes, with a focus on understanding the association between socioeconomic and demographic characteristics and patient outcomes following traumatic brain injury.​​ 

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December 4, 2018
Dr. Steven D. Chang examines the outcomes of surgery, radiotherapy and radiosurgery for treating benign spinal tumors and the role of radiosurgery for spinal cord AVMs.
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