StrateCision, Inc. September Newsletter
Issue: #  2014-8-2
September 2014 

StrateCision compares hybrid policies!

Long-time users of StrateCision's LTC Quote Plus and LTC Advisor Plus know how useful these programs are to their LTCI sales. Many have told us they couldn't sell LTCI without them.

Now hybrid life + LTCI plans are giving conventional LTC policies stiff competition, and many have asked us to create programs to compare these plans, which have advantages not found in conventional LTCI. Agents that can offer both regular LTCI and hybrids have more options to meet the needs of their clients, which will likely result in more sales.

StrateCision's answer is ComboCompare, a new program that compares the current hybrid plans side-by-side, showing premiums for a given LTC benefit, or benefit for a chosen premium.  The combo plans differ considerably, and the differences may favor one plan over another depending on client age, gender, marital and health status, and amount of coverage desired.

If you now sell combo plans or are thinking of offering them, ComboCompare will show you how they stack up against each other for your clients.  You can try it risk-free for 30 days and return it if you don't think it will help you understand and sell this new generation of financial products.  In other words, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.
To get ComboCompare now, complete this order form and send it to us.  Or fill out this response form and we'll send you more info. 
If you are more interested in online tools for policy comparison, read on. 
For those who prefer online tools, WebCombo is now available.  WebCombo is the online version of ComboCompare.  It runs in your browser and gives you the same comparisons of hybrid policies.
WebCombo is ideal for GA's or brokerages that want to embed hybrid plan comparisons in their website, for use by their producers.  Any number of users can run comparisons, and the website manager controls access to the program.
WebCombo can be licensed on a monthly ba sis or as an annual subscription.  Click here to request information on WebCombo and how to order.
WebCombo can also be licensed by individual agents who want to run comparisons on a tablet or other device with a touch-sensitive screen, or even a standard MAC or PC based computer.  Unlike ComboCompare, this program requires an internet connection and cost is based on amount of usage.  Contact us for pricing and other info.

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Short Term Care Insurance


Short term care plans are similar to LTC plans in paying for care required because the policyholder is unable to care for herself.  The primary difference is that STC plans pay for a year or less for care, while LTC plans pay for 2 or more years of care.


As a result, STC plans are less expensive than LTC plans, and typically have less stringent underwriting.  Thus clients who don't want to pay for LTCI or can't qualify may be good candidates for an STC plan.  


Agents who want to be able to offer some coverage to these clients are increasingly adding them to their portfolio of offerings.  STC plans cover home or facility care with a shorter benefit period, typically 3 months to 1 year. The lower cost and easier underwriting let you offer coverage to clients for whom LTCI is not an option.


Our STC Supplement lets you quote and compare these policies.  The Supplement is available to subscribers to LTC Quote Plus, our desktop-based quoting program, and to those using LTC WebQuote, our online web-based quoting tool.  



For details on the STC plans we compare, click  here.  For a sample comparison, click here. The comparison should be very familiar to anyone using our quoting software to compare LTC plans.


For WebQuote Administrators, pricing is shown here.  The price table also includes the cost for the Tablet Enhancement (see below).  


Use LTC WebQuote on an iPad! 


Many agents have online access to StrateCision's LTCI comparison tools through the LTC WebQuote and LTC WebAdvisor programs. General agents and large brokerages offer these programs to their producers on their websites.


StrateCision can now offer these web accounts access by tablets with touch-sensitive screens, such as the iPad, Samsung Android tablets, and Microsoft Surface.  For a small monthly cost, any web account can enable use by tablets, and even large cellphones.  Use 2-finger resizing to expand and shrink the screen as needed, and take advantage of the features of modern day mobile computing devices.


If you administer a StrateCision web account, see the link in the previous section for pricing for the tablet upgrade.  If you are an agent using our web comparisons, contact your account managers and ask for this major enhancement.  


Users of our desktop program,
LTC Quote Plus can also gain access to the tablet version. If you have a current subscription to LTC Quote Plus, you can add the tablet program for as little as $99 a year.  (The program runs in your browser and requires an Internet connection.)
concludeIn Conclusion

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