StrateCision, Inc. March Newsletter
Issue: # 2020-3-30
March 2020

1 About the pandemic

2 LTCI job offer

3 Hybrid policy comparisons

Several of our customers have asked what our plans are for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and whether we expect to stay in operation and continue to support our programs.

We expect to continue supporting our policy comparison tools throughout the pandemic.  Most of our staff already work from home, and those that don't are able to do so if necessary. Thus we believe we can continue to provide the services you have come to expect, and we'll do all we can to keep things running smoothly. Fortunately we make very little use of paper-based documents, so everything we need daily is accessible remotely.

We ask that  if you pay your subscription by paper check , use an alternative method. We accept direct deposits and anyone paying by check can set up a direct deposit alternative. Please contact our office by email to  and we will send you the routing number and account number to use. This will ensure that your payments are received and credited quickly.

That said, we are interested in learning how our customers are dealing with the pandemic and would like to hear from you about how you are coping. If we get some innovative stories, we may share them in a future newsletter. Our sense is that most of our agent producers do very little face-to-face selling any more, but we don't really know that for a fact. If you have been doing in-person sales before the coronavirus, what have you changed and how has it worked out? Did it involve switching to online contact, requiring new tools you haven't used before?  Anything you've found helpful would likely be of interest to others who use our programs. Write to us at , with subject COVID-19.

Finally, our thoughts are with all of you who connect with us through our comparison tools. We won't repeat all the advice about washing your hands, not touching your face, staying 6 feet away from others, things you've heard thousands of times by now and incorporated into your daily routine, being smart rational people. But do stay safe, keep in touch, and hopefully we'll come out of this stronger and ready for better days ahead.

Best Regards,
Ted Pass, CEO
StrateCision Inc.
Want part-time work in LTC insurance?

StrateCision is looking for a  product manager  for its  LTC Advisor  policy comparison software. LTC Advisor focuses on the features and benefits that distinguish one policy from another, i.e. the Plan Design. The job involves keeping the program up to date as carriers roll out new policies, withdraw older ones, and make changes during a policy's life cycle. The Manager jobs are:
  • Survey the LTC carriers each quarter about changes, mailing questionnaires, receiving responses and updating our policy database with new data.
  • Make monthly updates to the database as we learn of changes between quarters
  • Communicate with our carrier contacts to resolve questions about the data they provide or questions raised by agents using the program.
The work takes about 5-10 hours per month on average, and is irregular with survey months being busier. Work from the comfort of your home on your schedule. Pay is hourly and depends on experience and the skills the manager brings to the job. Requirements:
  • Knowledge of LTCI plan design.
  • Ability to understand and paraphrase policy language.
  • Ability to use a database for entering and editing data.
  • Ability to connect with remote computers.
  • Reliable high-speed internet connection.
  • General computer savvy and resourcefulness.
If this sounds appealing, write to  including a resume if available, or a description of your background as it pertains to this job.  We look forward to hearing from you.
 We Compare Hybrids

For anyone who hasn't heard, StrateCision has comparison tools for asset-based or Hybrid life + LTC policies. Go to our website,  or write to us at  for more.
How to contact us
phone: 781-453-1938