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August/September 2013
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The next two months may mean changes in weather, back to school, days getting shorter and oh yes - FOOTBALL! Here are some tips to help you and your pets!
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dog scratching drop    Pet Allergy Season!
  Changing seasons often bring about a variety of allergies for people and pets. During August, September, and into October many pet owners notice pets chewing on paws, scratching their skin, developing a rash and rubbing their ears. Weed pollens, grass fungi, and even leaves from trees can trigger these reactions.
  The number one seasonal pet skin problem is still flea allergy dermatitis, a severe reaction to flea bites.  A vet appointment is necessary to diagnose the problem and prescribe the necessary relief, whether it includes injections, oral medications, medicated shampoos or additional flea control. In severe cases, antibiotics or antifungal medications may be needed.
Don't let your pet suffer, call for an appointment today! 614-276-5479
  TIP - If your dog licks its feet a lot this time of year - try wiping its feet off with a damp cloth when it comes in from outside - many pollen/allergic reactions are initiated by contact through the feet.
Back-to-School Pet Tipsback to school 
Schedule and activity changes can affect  your pet. Pets are creatures of habit and it's important to set a schedule to ensure they will be happy and well adjusted.  
1) Work with your family to establish a routine your pet can depend on no matter what changes occur around them.
2) Save a special toy that your pet really loves and have your children give it to them just before leaving and put it away when they come home.
3) Encourage your children to come home right away to take care of your pet's needs and jump into a fun game of "fetch" or "cat and mouse" before starting their school activities.
4) Use a dog crate. Some dogs are anxious if left alone and can destroy things. A kennel crate provides a safe haven, especially if a treat stuffed toy (see us for Kong and Busy Buddies) is provided. Ask us about a dog appeasing pheromone (Adaptil) diffuser to help with anxiety.
5) Doggie daycare can help pass the time and give your pet some new buddies. They'll play, socialize and come home happy and calm.
For more back-to-school pet tips click 
Yes You Can Get Here! 
Construction and road closures can make travel a challenge - especially with Fisher Road closed between Mckinley and Hague plus Roberts Rd. over I-270. Trabue Rd. is now completely open.
Click on this link for more information Road Information
Call to have your medications and pet foods ready for pickup.
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 Make sure you continue flea control products through November.  
- We carry Mycodex Foggers and home sprays  for environmental flea control.
- Bayer flea control products including Canine Advantage II, Advantix and Advantage Multi, plus Feline Advantage Multi are buy 6 get 2 free. This promotion ends September 30th, 2013.
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