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April 2017
Spring is in the air and so are bugs and allergens. Do you have travel plans with your pet this year? You may need a health certificate or a signed rabies certificate. Keep reading to find out more!

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Fleas and Ticks

We say it every spring - beware of fleas and ticks! All of our doctors have seen fleas throughout the winter on various pets, and we've already seen a few ticks on some animals. They are out there!

If your dog or cat isn't on a flea/tick preventative now is the time to start. Even dogs and cats that stay indoors mostly are able to get fleas. Fleas are much more attracted to our furry friends than they are to humans. If you see one flea in your house chances are you have more. Fleas lay eggs that fall off your dog or cat and stay in the environment for up to 2 years! There are many options for flea and tick medications. Ask us about them today!
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Traveling with your pet

When you travel with your pets you may be required to get a health certificate or have other official documentation. This was instituted by states and countries to prevent the spread of diseases that animals carry. 

For example, dogs over 8 months old, traveling to Canada are required to have a rabies certificate. Dogs and cats traveling to West Virginia are required to have a certificate of veterinary inspection. The destination is what determines the requirements for travel. And many airlines have requirements for transporting dogs and cats as well.

You can find out more information at the USDA APHIS Pet Travel web-site. If there are requirements for traveling with your pet, please be sure to allow for enough time to get the appropriate vaccines or testing. 
Cytopoint - New  Treatment for Itchiness 

Itching, scratching, chewing - sound like your dog? They may have atopic dermatitis. Some of  our dogs are allergic to things they encounter every day - pollen from trees, weeds and grasses; dander; dust mites; and mold. We frequently advise people to try special diets, shampoos and sometimes medications to relieve the itchiness. 

Now there is a new therapy for dogs with atopic dermatitis, ask us about Cytopoint, a long-lasting, injection that can provide relief for 4 to 8 weeks. Cytopoint works by blocking the pathway that causes itchiness and is safe and effective for young and older dogs. 
Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation for Senior Pets
To provide better medical care for your senior pet we've created a discounted package of diagnostics for seniors. It includes all the things we recommend checking once a year for seniors. Ask us about it at your senior pet's next visit.
Enjoy the upcoming warm weather!
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Flea/Tick Preventatives
There are many flea and tick preventatives avaliable, we can help you navigate the products and chose the best one for your needs and expectations. Here's some of the products we recommend:

Nexgard - chewable flea and tick preventative

Vectra 3D - topical that repels mosquitoes and prevents ticks and fleas

Seresto - collar that prevents fleas and ticks

Trifexis - chewable that prevents fleas, intestinal parasites and heartworms

Revolution (feline) - topical prevention and treatment of fleas, heartworms, ear mites and intestinal parasites

More products can be found on our online store!
DNA Testing in Dogs

What do you think my dog's breed is? We get that question a lot. Without knowing it's lineage we can't tell you. But one fun thing you can do is DNA testing. This can give you information on diseases they may be predisposed to or how big your puppy may grow up to be. There are a few tests out there. While none of them will make diagnoses of disease, they can satisfy some curiosity of your dog's ancestry. If you do a test we'd love to hear the results!
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