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Suburban Animal Clinic
E-Newsletter - August 2012
Greetings!  Murray football 

As summer winds down and school starts back, we feel football in the air!
Introducing Digital X-Rays at Suburban

digital x ray  

We are proud to announce we have recently upgraded our radiology suite to allow us to take digital x-rays. While we have had a digital x-ray machine for our dental x-rays for several years, until last month our regular x-rays were still film based.


We have our same x-ray machine, but now we insert a sensor plate into a processor which develops the images onto the computer screen. The elimination of a darkroom and chemicals associated with developing films makes it safer for staff. Various tools allow enhancements of the images.
For client viewing, we will bring an iPad into the exam room to view the x-rays with owners. Digital images can be burned onto a CD for easy transfer by pet owners to speciality clinics. We can also send images via email when necessary and have them evaluated by veterinary radiologists. We feel our upgrade to digital radiography allows us to better serve our patients and their owners.
dog fleas Flea Season Peaks 

Almost daily, we see pets with flea problems. This can lead to hairloss, itchy infected skin, miserable dogs and cats, and infested households.


Our doctors and staff can help your pet with medications for relief and safe flea control products like topical Advantage or oral Comfortis - now approved for cats in addition to dogs. These medications can work for up to a month. We can also recommend treatment for home infestation. Call us for help at 614-276-5479.

    Dr. Stafford Shares Her Family Vacation!









Dr. Stafford and  her family, husband Matt and their daughter Ella, recently vacationed in  Michigan at her grandmother's family home. She spent many summers there as a child and loves it. The property was puchased by Dr. Stafford's great grandfather in 1919. The current cottage was built in the mid-80's. Dr. Stafford and her family enjoy swimming, hiking, boating and lying in the hammock or on the dock.




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Introducing Digital X-Rays
Flea Season Peaks
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