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Suburban Animal Clinic
E-Newsletter - November 2012

This month we celebrate our feline friends in our quest to keep them happy and healthy. In addition to the information below, you can click on "Blog" above to find more cat related information on our website.
November Is Feline Health Month

                                             baby kitten Cats need regular veterinary care, including annual exams and vaccination (just like dogs do), but many don't get what is needed.

 Did you know that there are more pet cats than dogs in the U.S.?

   Cats get many of the same diseases that people do and early detection and intervention are vital to maintaining a high quality of life. Listed are some common diseases of cats.

 1) Dental Disease (40 % or more of adult cats)

 2) Obesity (About 20% of cats are obese and that can increase chances of other health problems)

 3) Kidney Disease (A leading cause of death in older cats) Blood and urine tests can identify the problem and treatment can slow progression of the disease.

 4) Hyperthyroidism (The incidence of this disease of the thyroid gland is increasing-new dietary changes and medication can help treat this problem)

 5) Diabetes (Common in middle age cats and treatable when caught early)

 6) Cancer (Like in people, early detection can help treatment options)

Call now to get your cat's check up!

For more info go to this link

Suburban Animal Clinic is Now a Certified Cat Friendly Practicecat friendly!


The Cat Friendly Practice program created by the American Association of Feline Practitioners, trains clinic staff on ways cat owners can best keep their pet happy and healthy. We are also trained how to create a stress free environment during each hospital visit. Some of these practices include using special techniques during examinations, using the cat pheromone product Feliway in exam rooms, and using specific medical devices for exams and surgeries that are special to cats. We will also try to
escort you into exam rooms as quickly as possible to avoid barking dogs and reception area commotion. For more on our Cat Friendly Practice, click CatFriendlyPractice . This will take you to our website and also click the "Blog" at the top of this page for more info.
Advancements in Feline Vaccine Protocols  

    We follow the vaccine recommendations of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and the American Animal Hospital Association. We recommend the new Recombinant Feline Leukemia vaccine for all kittens and newly adopted cats (after a negative feline leukemia test), and a safe non-adjuvented vaccine for feline distemper (panleukopenia), calicivirus and rhinotracheitis (you may know this vaccine as the FVRCP). Frequency of these vaccines depends on lifestyle and exposure. 

    A new Recombinant 1 year Feline Rabies vaccine is recommended to provide protection to all cats with minimal chance of adverse reaction.

Safety and protection is what we provide for your feline friend!

    Dr. Seimer's Cat

     "Pepper" is owned by Dr. Seimer and his wife Sherry. She is a 14 year old domestic medium hair kitty that was found in the woods as a kitten by one of our staff members.

     She loves to stretch in the mornings with Doc in his home offfice. She tolerates and usually avoids the big dog "Angel". "Pepper" is a sweet indoor kitty but agreed to a seasonal outdoor photo shoot.



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November is Feline Health Month
Suburban Animal Clinic is now a certified Cat Friendly Practice

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~ Senior Pet Care
   Cats and Dogs who visit us for their senior exam and blood/urine evaluation through December 15 will be entered for a $50 Visa gift card drawing - just in time for the holidays!
Watch this month for our YouTube discussions of special Hill's Prescription diets for feline health problems. Go to
SAC YouTube for info about Feline k/d, t/d, y/d, c/d, and others. 
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