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August 2016
The days are getting shorter and soon the weather will be getting colder. With the kids going back to school and football right around the corner lots of people love this time of year. Many animals suffer from allergies this time of year though, and we have some information to help provide your pet relief.
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    Pet Allergy Season!
Changing seasons often bring about a variety of allergies for people and pets. During August, September, and October many pet owners notice pets chewing on paws, scratching or licking, developing a rash and rubbing their ears. Weed pollens, grass fungi, and even leaves from trees can trigger these reactions.

Flea allergy dermatitis, a severe reaction to flea bites, is something we see very often this time of year as well. Flea preventatives are a great way to help your dogs and cats from feeling miserable and itchy from fleas. There are many types of products from chewables to topicals and combination products that prevent fleas and heartworms.

A vet appointment is necessary to diagnose skin disease and prescribe the necessary relief. This may include oral medications, medicated shampoos, ointments, injections or additional flea control. 

Don't let your pet suffer, call for an appointment today! 614-276-5479
 Zoo Passes and TV Give-Away   
As a thank you, Merial, the maker of Heartgard and Ne xgard , is giving away 3 family zoo passes to the Columbus Zoo and a TV. In the upcoming week we'll be drawing 4 lucky winners from those of you who purchased Heartgard or Nexgard from us in the past year. Good luck! We'll notify the winners soon! 
Itchy All Year? dog_cat_portrait.jpg  
Some dogs and cats are itchy all year round. These unfortunate animals frequently have an underlying allergy to something they come in contact with every day. Common culprits are food and dust.  Sometimes animals can have both an underlying allergy plus seasonal allergies! When the vet asks you about how itchy your pet is, tell them how often your dog or cat licks, chews, scratches and bites at themselves.

Food allergies can occur at any time during an animal's life. Even if you've always fed the same food, they can develop an allergy over time. The best way to diagnose a food allergy is by doing a food trial with a prescription diet you would get from Suburban Animal Clinic. Prescription diets are specially formulated to have limited ingredients and are made in facilities that ensure no contamination from other food product lines. We do not recommend food trials with over the counter foods. A food trial lasts about 2 months and during that time no other foods should be fed to the animal. We use this food trial as a diagnostic tool to determine if they are allergic to certain foods.

Other environmental allergens like dust or molds can be hard to control in households. If your animal seems itchy year round, you can ensure you are not adding any additional allergens inadvertently by avoiding the use of air fresheners, candles, perfumes and other unnecessary chemicals.

There are many treatments and therapies for year round allergies. Discuss your pet's itching and scratching with our vets today.
Smart phone users!
Cover artThe American Red Cross has a free app called "Pet First Aid" t hat has useful information about your pet's health and what to do in case of an emergency. It covers topics such as assessing breathing  and heart rate; allergic reactions; and  to when to go to the emergency room or vet. Find it on the iStore and Google Play.
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