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January 2017
We hope 2017 is treating you well so far. February is dental health month - call today to get your pet's teeth cleaned with our discount in February, spaces are limited.

What do dogs have to do with bed bugs? And it's time to renew your dog licence. Keep reading to find out more.

February is Dental Month

February is dental month at Suburban Animal Clinic! 70 to 80% of all dogs and cats have some form of dental disease. 

Proper dental care is critical in maintaining your pet's overall health. Too often, pet owners overlook the need for dental care for their pets. Untreated dental disease can cause serious problems. In February, we will continue to promote Pet Dental Health by offering $15 off your pet's dental cleaning. 

Call 614-276-5479 to book this offer, limited spaces are available.

For a look at a dental procedure you can watch our youtube video.  And check out our blog post with pictures during a dental cleaning with healthier teeth and not so healthy teeth.
Working Dogs - Bed Bug Finder
Sprout the bed bug dog
Orkin rated Columbus as 5th in its list of top bed bug cities. One of the ways to find these pests is by using the help of the dog's keen sense of smell. Some of our patients here at SAC are bed bug dogs and we asked their owners to give us a little more information on what they do and how. 

In the spring of 2011, Annie LaBarre and Kelly Robbins founded Four Paws K-9 Detection, with a beagle named Marley.  Today, they have four beagles on the job: Marley, Sprout, Cici and Chaco. All of the dogs, except Chaco, were from animal shelters.

The dogs have the amazing ability to differentiate live bed bugs and eggs from dead bed bugs, fecal material and shed skins.

To maintain their dogs' keen detection skills, Annie and Kelly use live bed bugs in their daily training sessions. The teams need to be worked everyday, at least twice a day! For more information on the dogs  visit our blog post and the Four Paws K-9 Detection web-site.
dogs in car
Renew Your Dog License

All dogs in franklin county must have a license. Dog licences must be renewed by January 31st to avoid the late fee. More information can be found on the  Franklin County Auditor's web-site on licensing .  Check out our blog post for links to the surrounding counties' dog licensing information.

Thank you all for your patronage through 2016. We realize the highest  compliment  you can give us is to refer your  family  and friends to Suburban Animal Clinic. 
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Oral Health Products   

We sell multiple products to help you keep your pet's teeth clean and to reduce plaque and tartar. Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews have been scientifically proven to decrease tartar and bad breath in dogs. 


We also have a special Hill's dental diet, other dental treats, rinses and toothbrushes and toothpastes. 


Stop by our clinic to see our selection and pick up the best product to help you keep your pet's teeth healthy.

New Years Resolutions for Your Pet
What's your New Year's Resolution for your Pet? Give them more attention? Play with them more? Give them that little treat? Whatever it is, we know that you love your pets and want the best for them. We also want the best for your pet and will do our best to provide optimal care for your furry family member in 2017 and every year.

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