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E-Newsletter - September 2012

Welcome! We love caring for your older pets. Use our convenient links listed in articles to access more detailed information to keep your pet healthy. Don't forget to share our e-newsletter with your friends.
Senior Pet Monthsenior pet

This month and next we celebrate caring for your senior dog or cat over 7 years of age. Schedule your senior pet's exam with blood tests and urinalysis by Dec. 15, 2012 and you will be entered to win a $50 gift card. Watch for our Fall "Pet Pause" Newsletter for details. For more detailed information about senior pets, go to Senior Pet Care


A recent study revealed that senior wellness blood and urine screening tests showed abnormalities in 23% of dogs and 17% of cats that had a normal physical exam. Early detection of diseases such as kidney, liver or thyroid disease can allow for treatment and dietary changes to help pets lead happy, healthy, longer lives.


Did You Know? The most common disease of older pets is dental disease. Having us care for your pet's teeth and mouth may be the best pet care investment you can make. Watch a YouTube video of a tooth extraction!

Tooth extraction

boxer computerYouTube and Blog 

Do you YouTube?  Us too!  

We are building our informational YouTube library to help you with your pet's health care. Check out the library and watch information about the "Senior Pet Exam", and "New Digital Radiology". You can even learn how to

trim your pet's toe nails! Email us to give

us more ideas to help you.

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bloggingcat  Informational Blogs also!

  Dawn Archey, a Vet Tech at Suburban, has written excellent blogs about nutrition for senior pets and celebrating care for older pets. Find these blogs and more at

Suburban's Blog

Congratulations Dr. Seimer!felix



Dr. Seimer's grandson Felix is now 4 months old.  The family lives in Charlotte, NC, but they still cheer for Ohio teams!



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