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Suburban Animal Clinic
E-Newsletter - February 2013
We are celebrating pet dental health in both February and March. Taking care of your pets teeth is one of the best ways to keep them in good health. Check out our YouTube on performing a dental by Dr. Shardy and our technicians.  
Good Pet Healthcare-Regular Dental Cleaning
brushing teeth
Proper dental care is critical in maintaining your pet's health. Too often, pet owners overlook the need for dental care for their pets. Untreated dental disease can cause serious problems in the overall health of your pet. In February and March, we continue to promote Pet Dental Health by offering $15 off your pet's dental cleaning through March 30th.    
For a look at the procedure click Dental Procedure.

We will also discuss your pet's home dental care and design a plan to help keep your pet's mouth healthy. For more info click Dental Blog. Drs.  Shardy and Stafford have openings available to schedule your pet's dental prophy. Call 614-276-5479 to book this offer, limited times are available.

Protect Your Pet with a Microchip & Save Money!
chipping Suburban Animal Clinic has recommended for 15 years that pet owners have their dogs and cats protected with the AVID microchip. Humane Societies, animal shelters and veterinarians scan found pets for microchip identification. We have had dozens of pets reunited with their owners, thanks to microchipping.

Recently England has decreed that all dogs be microchipped by 2016 or owners could face up to $800 in fines. Currently 60% of Britain's pet dogs already have microchips. In the U.S., only 5% of dogs and much fewer cats are microchipped. Check out our blog post Microchip Blog.

The microchip (about the size of a grain of rice) is inserted by injection with little discomfort. Now through April 30, Suburban is offering a $10 savings with microchip insertion and registration for $44.00. Call for more details and visit 
New Look for Clinic
Many of you have had positive comments about our clinic redecorating. Painting and new artwork have brightened up the lobby, and new colors have been extended throughout the hospital. The project was spearheaded by Dr. Seimer's wife, Sherry with lots of help from the staff. The project has helped us make spring even closer. For more pictures click, Clinic Tour.
Our staff is dedicated to our clients and patients. We hope you will take advantage of the dental and microchipping specials for your pet.

Doctors and Staff

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 Prescription Refills
To decrease your waiting time and increase the efficiency of our patient care, please call ahead for your pet's prescription refills and food or dietary needs. Our doctors and staff will review your pet's records and prepare the products for pickup at your convenience. 
For your pet's emergency or
after hour needs, we recommend MedVet at 300 E. Wilson Bridge Road in Worthington (614)846-5800 or Capital Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center at 5230 Renner Road near Hilliard Rome Rd. and Walmart. For more information visit 
MedVet or CVREC .
Remember monthly parasite prevention by getting auto reminders at 
Dr. Stafford will return from    maternity leave Monday February 25, 2013. We welcome her return and know you will too. Call and schedule an appointment with her. 
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