Perimeter Guarding and Safety Fencing Systems
Industrial safety guarding solutions
Faztek perimeter guards and safety fencing systems create a physical barrier for safety or security purposes.

These protective barriers are used to keep employees clear of an area of safety, security or privacy. These custom perimeter guards can be made of t-slotted aluminum, steel, wire mesh, polycarbonate, or a mixture of multiple products for a custom solution.

No matter your needs, our team is here to help you through the process of designing and building your next custom perimeter guard or safety fencing system.

Slim, Lightweight Hollow Shaft Rotary Actuator
Large diameter hollow shaft
The slim and lightweight RCP6-RTFML Rotary has a large-diameter hollow shaft of φ49, and is suitable for combined axes. Wiring can be passed through the hollow section, reducing the design and assembly process. It can be combined with Cartesian axis, gripper or wrist unit, enabling movement with up to 6 axes of freedom.

Tables and jigs can be directly mounted on the rotary section. A brake option is available for horizontal use. Equipped with a battery-less absolute encoder there is no battery maintenance and homing operation is not required at startup or after emergency stop.

18mm Photoelectric Sensor with IO-Link
Added value for the standard sensor
Balluff has incorporated IO-Link functionality of remote teaching, diagnostics, and parametrization into the widely used 18 mm tubular housed photoelectric sensor . IO-Link functionality includes multiple switching modes for reliable detection and multiple teaching options for easier integration and better stability.

The added diagnostics provide faster troubleshooting which translates into more up time and productivity. Sensing modes include diffuse, retroreflective and through-beam. 

Next Generation of Fieldbus Coupler
WAGO Modbus coupler
WAGO is launching the next generation of field bus couplers, the Modbus coupler 750-362 . The new 750-362 coupler supports over 500 I/O modules of the 750 series and communicates with higher level devices via Modbus TCP and UDP. Easy configuration of parameters is accomplished through the coupler's onboard web based management system.

The fieldbus coupler automatically configures, creating a local process image which may include analog, digital or specialty modules. Two ETHERNET interfaces and an integrated switch allow the fieldbus to be wired in a line topology. This eliminates additional network devices such as switches or hubs. 

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