´╗┐Sensor Cables Available in 5 Days or Less
Improved delivery times through local production
Balluff has improved its delivery time of cables and connectivity products . Most of the sensor cable portfolio is now available in 5 days or less. This includes nearly all the single- and double-ended M8 and M12 sensor cable portfolio, plus power cables, Ethernet cables, and valve connector cables, as well as field-attachable connectors, bulkhead connectors, receptacles, adapters and terminating resistors, T-splitters and Y-splitters.

The expansive cable portfolio includes features such as consistent and accurate IP ratings, a wide range of cable jackets (TPE, PVC and PUR), a full range of overmold configurations, and high-quality rugged materials.
Establishing a production site in Florence Kentucky allows the company to provide faster delivery to customers who rely on quick turnaround times to minimize downtime and maximize efficiencies.

Conveyor Lift Gates Maximize Useable Space
Creating safe and fast walk-thru access
Dorner's 2200 & 3200 Series Lift Gate Conveyors  create safe and fast walk-through access while maximizing usable space.
Creating Safe and Fast Walk-Thru Access to Maximize Useable Space Counterweights create easy opening of the gate Interlock switches and a timer allow the conveyor to clear before the gate is opened preserving full product control Product flow can automatically resume after the gate is closed.
With a typical lift gate conveyor, the entire conveyor pivots using the motor as a counter balance and a gas strut to assist in the lifting process. The SmartFlex lift gate pivots only a portion of the conveyor. There is an area on the belt return that allows for extra chain needed during the pivoting process.

Mitsubishi FX5UC Premium Micro PLC
Their smallest and most powerful compact PLC to date  
As part of the high functioning MELSEC iQ-F series the new FX5UC model (the 'C' denotes compact) is engineered to handle the increasingly sophisticated data processing and communication tasks demanded by Smart Manufacturing applications.

The CPU module is a quarter the size of a conventional one while incorporating built-in relay and transistor outputs, avoides the need to install additional, spaceconsuming terminal blocks in many applications.

  • Open connectivity ensures compatibility with a wide choice of network options
  • Program memory of 64,000 steps and a large device memory
  • Advanced motion control functions for up to four axes
  • Execution speed of 34 ns

RTC Rodless Cylinders
Oval piston permits high loads and
´╗┐ultra-compact design
The Series RTC rodless cylinders features a very robust, virtually leak-free design with high speed capability. Offering inch and metric options in four main versions and the Easy-To-Combine option, the RTC can be combined with other AVENTICS standard actuators to build modular automation systems.

An oval piston design provides internal guiding, permitting unusually high load and torque absorption, as well as ultra-compact machine designs.

  • High load capacity and rigidity
  • The wide slot offers optimized belt return and smoother running
  • Lateral torques are absorbed by the piston
  • Standardized mounting interfaces for direct connection of AVENTICS component
  • Air connections on both sides

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