Low Profile Direct Drive Motor
Direct controls with the accuracy of a servo motor
Mitsubishi Electric’s TM-R low-profile direct drive motor allows for the direct control of a load without the use of more traditional mechanical transmission components (gears, belts, chains, etc.). Combining this direct control with the accuracy of a servo motor allows customers to build more compact, efficient, and precise machines.

The hollow shaft design feature allows for easy installation of cables and air pipes in the rotating axis. With its reduced footprint, your machine’s center of gravity and stability by minimizing height and weight. These low-profile motors are a good fit for applications such as index tables, tool changers, and rotary axis for material handling robots.

WAGO IP67 Power Supply
No enclosure required
EPSITRON® IP67 Power brings energy directly to where it is needed thanks to a robust design and high degree of protection. Even under extreme environmental conditions, WAGO’s new power supply performs reliably outside the control cabinet, withstanding humidity and dust thanks to an IP67-grade design. This compact device is designed for the efficient and above all energy-saving supply of distributed loads with 24 VDC/4 A. Suitable accessories such as 7/8 inch connection technologies complete the product range.

  • Active Power Factor Correction eliminates interference from other devices
  • 150 % TopBoost supplies 50 % more power
  • Effective water splash protection for use in harsh industrial environments
  • Wide temperature range -40 °C ... +60 °C at 4A, +70 °C at 2.4 A (derating at +60 °C)

Schunk DDF2 Media Feed Through
Providing unlimited rotational movement
The  DDF2 rotary indexing table   provides unlimited rotational movement for robot applications. The DDF 2 is designed for media feed-through of electric signals and pneumatics for use on robots with infinite rotation.
The ISO mounting pattern provides for easy assembly to most types of robots without the need of additional adapter plates. A complete series of 12 sizes offers three combinations of pneumatic and electrical feed through. Newly developed, smooth running and long lasting seals ensure low torque requirements, allowing smaller, more economical drives.

Roxtec Cable and Pipe Seals
No more cutting off connectors
Optimize protection, performance, and productivity with Roxtec cable entry sealing solutions. Roxtec cable and pipe seals are beneficial for equipment manufacturers and end-users. It is easy to design in and install our area efficient seals. Route many pre-terminated cables of different sizes through each cut-out, secure your cabinet or machinery at the factory and finalize when delivering onsite.

  • Route pre-terminated connectors
  • Reduce installation time by 50%
  • Enable space savings up to 70%
  • Seal multiple cables of different sizes
  • Add cables later without adding cost
  • UL/NEMA, IP69K

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