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Bladeless Wind Turbines

These turbines offer a unique design alternative to harnessing wind energy.

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Palm-Sized SCARA Robot
IX-NNN Ultra-compact unit
With arm lengths of up to 180mm, the IX-NNN is a palm-sized SCARA unit capable of driving a maximum payload of 1 kg. The dynamic performance and highly rigid body of the SCARA ensures outstanding high-speed performance achieves a cycle time of 0.35 second.

  • Standard and Clean Room models
  • 120 mm, 150 mm, and 180 mm arm lengths
  • Installation space requirement of 47(W) x 132(D) mm
  • Motor/encoder cables available in connector type

Simplify Analog Device Integrations with IO-Link
Configurable, single channel interface
Typically, analog devices require dedicated cards in controls cabinets, connected by long runs of shielded cables from sensor to controller.

Balluff's family of single channel analog interface modules simplify configuration and integration of analog devices by interfacing with IO-Link. These modules are fully configurable for signal type and resolution to convert a variety of analog input data such as current, voltage, and RTD/thermocouple measurement to digital equivalent values. Having IO-Link onboard makes enhanced diagnostic information available.

  • Utilizes basic unshielded cables
  • 18mm standard sensor size
  • Includes 2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire type interface
  • Eliminates analog interface boards

Inline Miniature Plastic Vacuum Generator
Same size as air supply and vacuum lines for tight spaces  
Vaccon’s I-MPVG Series of miniature plastic vacuum generators are economical, compact, lightweight, and offer high performance up to 27.0”Hg [918mbar]. These inline venturi pumps are the same size as the air supply and vacuum lines allowing installation in the tightest spaces and closest to the point of use for fast response time.

The I-MPVG Series feature a single-stage design with no moving parts to wear out. Simply supply compressed air and vacuum lines to the pump – push-to-connect fittings provide quick and simple connections.

  • Powerful vacuum up to 27.1”Hg [918 mbar]
  • Built in muffler
  • Integrated mounting holes
  • Light weight and compact for point of use installation
  • Installs inline for simple integration

HDMI Port Option Now Available on GT27 HMI
See what a machine operator sees on a large public screen
Most HMIs require a PC in order to project the HMI contents on a larger screen. But with the GT27 Series HMI, all you need is a cable.

Production managers and maintenance personnel can benefit from seeing what the machine operator sees on a large public screen, allowing them to respond faster to required actions.

The GT27 Series is a top end graphical operator terminal which includes displays from 5.7" all the way to 15" with resolutions of XGA, SVGA and VGA depending on model selection. It is an advanced model with multi-touch and gesture functions providing users tablet like operation. 

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