Continuous Level Measurement
Versatile contact or non-contact technologies

Drexelbrook manufactures a full range of continuous level measurement instruments , providing the highest level of performance for liquids, slurries and bulk solids applications. With a wide variety of technology options, Drexelbrook is uniquely qualified to properly evaluate and recommend the very best solution for your application.

  • RF Admittance
  • Ultrasonic technology
  • Open air radar products
  • Guided wave radar products
  • Magnetostrictive level probes
  • Hydrostatic submersible level transmitters

ABB Optical Safety Devices
Light Curtains - light grids - single beam

ABB’s broad range of optical safety devices includes light curtains, light grids and single beam. Some are basic for the simple applications while other offer more advanced functions such as muting and blanking for the more demanding applications.

  • Light Curtains for finger and hand detection
  • Light Grid for body detection
  • Simple Light Beam for body detection

Hyper-Cyl EMA Electric Actuator Series
Load rating up to 25 tons

 HyperCyl- EMA electro-mechanical actuator is a robust, servo driven actuator designed for precision assembly applications or applications not suited for standard HyperCyl or IntelliCyl products. Available in both Roller Screw and Ball Screw configurations in load ratings from 5kN to 230 kN (1 - 25 tons), HyperCyl-EMA provides a new level of price/performance in the automotive, aerospace, DOD, appliance, medical, electronics and transportation industries in a wide range of applications.

  • Available in Ball Screw Configurations from 0 - 20,000 lbs of output force
  • Available in Roller Screw Configurations from 0 - 50,000 lbs of output force
  • Standard Internal Non-Rotate feature
  • Standard Internal Load Cell
  • Over-Travel Limit switches
  • Standard Emerson UniMotor or the availability to design around YOUR specific motor specifications

Roxtec Sealing Solutions
Seals for cables and pipes

Roxtec develops, manufactures, and sells  complete sealing solutions  for cable and pipe penetrations. Roxtec cable and pipe seals ensure safety, efficiency and operational reliability. 
Whether  you are an owner, designer or installer, you can rely on these solutions, wherever cables and pipes run through openings - and whatever size they are.

  • Sealing Modules
  • Expansion Frames/Seals
  • Sleev-it certified fire stops
  • Cable Entry Systems
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